My Pineberry Plants are Flowering

pineberry flowers

I’m really pleased to see flowers on my pineberry plants, I got the plants last spring and was really looking forward to tasting the fruit. However, my pineberries had other ideas and decided to go into crazy-reproduction-mode, insisting on throwing out runners at an alarming rate instead of fruiting. I tried snipping the runners off to encourage fruit to set but I couldn’t keep up, eventually I gave in and potted up runners instead.

Now I have plenty of Pineberry plants, the younger plants have flower buds forming too.

potted pineberry runners


I’m looking forward to seeing the first fruits appear, they resemble a strawberry but are white in colour, rather than the usual red. They’re supposed to taste of pineapple and this is the reason I cannot wait to eat them!

25 thoughts on “My Pineberry Plants are Flowering

  1. They look lovely and hopefully soon you will post pictures of the delicious pineberries. I have recently started my gardening blog and would love to have your views on container gardening.


  2. Do pine berries differ from other white strawberries?

    I started two runners of white strawberries and am growing some white wood/wild strawberries from seeds. So I am also looking forward to trying them and comparing the flavour with my red Mara Du Bois crop.


  3. I’ve seen these advertised and really fancy trying them, so I’ll be interested to hear what they are like in due course. Strawberry and pineapple, yum.


  4. I had the same situation with the Rambling Cascade strawberries I planted last year and got no fruit but plenty of runners which have rooted themselves in nicely now. I’m also hoping for lots of strawberries this year but not sure whether to put straw underneath the plants – won’t that be a lovely safe haven for slugs? Do you straw yours Karen?


  5. Eeeeek! I am growing these from seed…. they are teeny tiny weeny, so hopefully fruit next year. Please let me know what they are like xxx


  6. Caro – I have used straw before but found slugs to be a problem, especially last summer with all that rain! However, the allotment strawbs were fine! I’m guessing the sharp gravel path around the raised bed was off-putting to slugs.


  7. It’s so strange, I was just wondering if there was such a thing as white strawberries with red seeds when I stumbled upon your blog. After all, there’s white alpine strawberry. Eagerly waiting for the update on this one.


  8. Hi David from here.

    Really pleased to see your plants doing so well. To help your plants produce delicious Pineberry plants you should remove runners as soon as they appear allowing the plant to spend all its energy producing fruit. I also find a liquid feed once a week perks things up – bit like me really!:-)

    If anyone has any questions please let me know – always happy to help.


  9. Hi David, as I said in my post I did try removing the runners (as soon as I saw them) to help set fruit but the plants were very eager! Never mind, at least I have lots of plants now and fruit on the way. Really looking forward to tasting them.


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