Beautiful Spring

blackbird egg

Our garden is a visual and audible treat at the moment, even though spring arrived a little late this year everything appears to be catching up. The huge pine trees are a nursery to many garden birds right now, twiggy nests can be seen in branches.

bird nest

Blackbirds are nesting inside the rockery conifers surrounding the pond, occasionally I hear the ‘peep peep’ sound of hungry chicks throughout the day, eagerly awaiting the return of their parents with food. At dusk we are treated to an aerial display of bats hunting, if we listen really carefully we can just make out the distinct clicking-sound. Another nocturnal visitor to our garden and a favourite of mine is the hedgehog, they can be heard snuffling around the lawn at night, on a clear moon-lit evening we might catch a glimpse of one, scurrying off into bushes.

tree blossom, fruit tree blossom, white blossom, spring blossom

spring blossom

I’ve noticed squirrels digging in the lawn, taking off for the pine trees when I approach. I love watching them leap from tree to tree with the grace and skill of a gymnast. Some of the fruit trees are ablaze with blossom, attracting bumblebees in their numbers, daffodils are just finishing now and Forget-me-nots are taking centre stage, creating a pretty blue haze.

forget me not

forget me not


forget me not

I saw my first ladybird of the year yesterday and a number of butterflies on the wing are passing through the garden too, mainly Peacock. Here’s a great website for those unfamiliar with UK butterfly species:

I love nature, especially during spring. I hope you’re enjoying watching and listening to nature/wildlife in your garden too.


  1. What a feast for the eyes..stunning colors and so vivid…autumn sees us still with no rain since august,i am still watering the garden! the roses are so so the irises are doing nothing,i picked one eggplant and felt guilty eating it hahaha on the positive we have still got the birds and the kangaroos,i love your hedgehogs and our echidnas are snuggling down for winter soon,at least i am less likely to meet up with the eastern brown snakes..yetch :/ lovely pictures and they cheer me up thanks :)

  2. So true, pure bliss to watch leaves unfurl, buds swell… lots of butterflies around here too, they seem to appreciate the masses of wildflowers. We have bats, snakes, lizards, toads…didn’t spot a hedgehog yet. Keep enjoying :)

  3. What beautiful photos Karen. Those forget me nots are just stunningly perfect. I’ve got lots at the edge of my lawn – they’re so lovely I’m leaving them to spread into it as they wish. My garden was full of birdsong today – particularly coming from a pair of nesting goldfinches next door.

  4. The blossom on your trees looks marvellous. I just saw a butterfly which looked suspiciously like a cabbage white today!

  5. Sounds like you’re really blessed in your new home, Karen. Wonderful start to the year and a joy (as usual) to see what your eye has captured.

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