Little Hen Rescue – June 15th 2013

ex battery hens

Do you have room in your chicken coop and space in your garden? Can you offer a retirement home to ex-caged laying hens? Yes? Little Hen Rescue would love to hear from you!

Another rescue is scheduled for June 15th with the majority of lucky ladies going to Little Hen Rescue’s base in Norfolk, the rest to Cambridgeshire with collection points in Manea and Haddenham (small amount near Grafham Water).

Reserve your hens today via Little Hen Rescue’s website, choose where you’d like to collect your hens and email the appropriate area (Norfolk or Cambs).

8 thoughts on “Little Hen Rescue – June 15th 2013

  1. Very! The hens in the photo are girls I rehomed years ago, sadly gone now, but they had a few years of freedom. They make the best pets, so friendly and trusting. Amazing really!


  2. I hope they all find green pastures! Good to see another country has a hen rescue group girls will be rescues when i get them,even if they live a few months free sunbathing dust bathing and pecking the grass that is a few months better than the circumstances they have come from.We also have a program in a lot of areas where families can hire a coop and chicken for a period of time to see if it’s right for their family..brilliant idea as if you can’t commit or don’t have time then you at least find out and don’t end up causing problems.It is an idea i think all areas could adopt :)


  3. I used to get rescue hens years ago, had 24 at one stage. It was so rewarding watching them come to full health and weight, and to see them very contented and thriving free ranging out with the calves. I once was given the very dubious honor of being shown around a poultry farm, it absolutely horrified me….I only lasted a few minutes and truly wanted to give that owner a piece of my mind!!


  4. The hens from our farm go to little hen rescue when they are at the end of their commercial laying days. They are a fantastic group, and to anyone considering hens for their garden I really do recommend them :)
    Great blog by the way!


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