There’s a Hole in my Potato Bed

There’s a hole in my potato bed, dear reader, a hole. On my arrival to the allotment on Sunday morning (yesterday) I found this:

Rabbit hole in the potato bed
Rabbit hole in the potato bed

It wasn’t there Saturday.

Apparently, the rabbit fencing around the allotment site has been found to have a few ‘flaws’ recently. No kidding! I checked inside the hole for signs of life and found nothing, the hole didn’t appear to lead anywhere. I was beginning to wonder if this was the work of a very large rat, until I filled in the hole using the expertly tilled soil in a mound nearby, along with little round poops, courtesy of Peter Rabbit.

I guess a rabbit-proof fence is needed around our plot very soon. Oh the joys of allotmenteering!

15 thoughts on “There’s a Hole in my Potato Bed

  1. Oh my! Peter was in my yard too! I can’t figure out how it got in either! Can’t help but laugh and feel a little relief that I’m not the only one! They are smart little boogers aren’t they!?!


  2. Rotten bunnies! they are trashing our back paddocks..i am trialling blood and bone fertiliser as i have read that because it smells like dead things the rabbits think a predator is close by and won’t go near it….i will see though :)


  3. Uh Oh! I used to get exactly these types of hole on my raised veg beds (nice soft soil for digging, I suppose). They never seemed to be proper burrows, just half attempts. I wonder why rabbits have a penchant for half-holes! :)


  4. I had/have a similar mini-tunnel in my onion bed. It is filled in at the moment, but before this, the ‘culprit’ came back three or four times to dig in the same spot (after I filled it in), once even digging two mini-tunnels, going in opposite directions. One of my neighbours said it could be a badger digging for worms, now I’m not so sure.


  5. Hi Val, that’s interesting to hear. I’ve just come back from my allotment and sure enough the hole / mini tunnel is back in the exact same spot. Gah! I filled it in and covered the area with a large piece of galvanised wire mesh, weighted down with bricks. I will check again tomorrow!


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