Allotment Shed Makeover

blue allotment shed

Choosing to ignore mixed and confusing weather reports (along with a threatening sky on and off since the weekend), I decided to give our allotment shed a much-needed lick of paint. If you already follow me on Pinterest you will notice I have a ‘thing’ for blue sheds.

allotment shed

Naturally, blue was the colour I had in mind, although I did toy with the idea of painting our shed seagrass green. I finally settled on a shade of baby blue and now the shed is cheery and a welcoming sight.

The little bird box had a makeover too!
The little bird box had a makeover too!

The colour will also be a gorgeous backdrop for annuals that I love to grow in the raised bed surrounding the shed, such as shades of pink Cosmos ‘Sensation Mix’ and Sarah Raven’s ‘Bright Lights’ (deep orange and tangerine blooms, new for me this year). Sunflowers will dazzle against the baby blue (although I’m hoping at least one becomes a true giant and exceeds the shed height) and the fuzzy purple haze of perennial Verbena bonariensis will be even more striking. Foxgloves are almost ready to burst into flower and Lupins are not far behind.

Foxglove grown from seed, almost ready to flower
Foxglove grown from seed, almost ready to flower

Potatoes are growing and require ‘earthing up’ frequently, so far (touch wood) we’ve managed to keep the burrowing bunny out of the potato bed by laying a sheet of wire mesh on the area of interest, weighted down by bricks, although this will need to be removed very soon. Strawberries are looking promising with lovely large flowers, blackcurrants and redcurrants are swelling nicely.

allotment strawberry bed

strawberry flowers in May


The rhubarb patch is looking incredible this year, we only planted it last year and it’s already trebled in size.

allotment rhubarb

I’ve put a lot of hours in at the allotment since the weekend, I’m delighted with how neat and tidy the plot is looking.


A few days ago we managed to source more free wood, this means we can get on and work the unused part of the plot this year. All of our raised beds are made using wood no longer needed by a shed company located next to the allotment site, they’re delighted when the allotment holders come along and take the wood away, putting it to good use. I’m looking forward to seeing the plot change again soon, not only from our input but with summer on the way too.


  1. Oh its beautiful,it makes me want to cry at the sweetness..and the lovely garden beds…i know how much hard work this is! i will live vicariously as i battle the Gorse and spiny’s been back breaking but i know it will pay off,i just miss gardening for pleasure veggies and the joy of growing them..i am too impatient,i do have some hollyhocks that from seed are now getting slowly to a size almost ready to plant out..i love this blog,it makes me remember why i am doing the crappy jobs now and what i will look forward to :) i must post my day with the gorse pics in fact off i go ;)

  2. Oh! Thank you yet again for another wonderful comment, Fozziemum. I know how determined you are to get your veg patch going again, and the difficulties you face are bound to make this seem almost impossible, but your enthusiasm will prevail.

  3. Love the colour and your flower selection sounds wonderful, will look beautiful against the shed!

  4. I’m so jealous of your shed! It’s so pretty in the blue. Also very envious of the rhubarb – we just planted a crown of timperly this year which probably won’t show for a couple of years, and the one from last year is about a third the size of yours. What’s your secret??

  5. Thank you Andrea and bhoyt10.

    madedoandgrow – Thank you. We used a lot of our own compost at our allotment, topping up our raised beds as and when we could, thanks to our girls (hens). I firmly believe in the power of well-rotted chicken manure! Although the allotment site was in a poor state only a couple of years ago (it’s a new allotment site), it was used as grazing land for horses previously. The soil is mostly very fertile, if a little stubborn to cultivate at times.

  6. Wow, your allotment really looks amazing, I can see what hard work you’ve put in, it’s fantastic. And the shed is lovely too, great choice of colour, my favourite I think. Mine is bottle green and corrugated, not particularly attractive, but it does the job, although only just!

  7. We don’t have a veggie patch this year. Due to selling up we have spent spare cash on the house. How I miss my homegrown veggies. Your plot is looking fantastic, shed is just beautiful in its surroundings and the bird box make over fits in perfectly. Hope you have a bumper harvest this year. Well done you xx

  8. Super up-date, great photos, one thing I know I should have done was taken photos for posterity of our allotment. We took it on about fourteen years ago – and it was a sea of pernicious weeds.
    Very proud of it now.
    If you’re just starting, or struggling a little (and last year most of us did I think!) take a little heart and keep going.

  9. I love the blue color!! We’re building a chicken pen and I’m painting it barn red (for my husband), but I would have LOVED this blue. So relaxing to look at! Thanks for posting.

  10. Hi Elizabeth, the paint is Cuprinol Garden Shades ‘Coastal Mist’. I didn’t undercoat, the shed could probably do with one more coat to be honest, just waiting for the weather to behave.

  11. Thanks beeseeker, we got our uncultivated plot in 2011, no previous owners! The whole site is new and was previously grazing land and a dumping ground for the builders of the new houses nearby. It’s come on a great deal since we got it, and like you, we’re very proud of it. I hope we get to keep it for many more years to come.

  12. A beautiful shed and in a stunning colour. I’ve just re-painted ours but in more of a dull brown I’m afraid. It’s a very large shed/summerhouse and I’m not entirely ready to take the plunge into colour! Maybe I will now!

  13. I have a bit of a shed fetish, myself! Love your shed – heading to your Pinterest right now – and for it to be surrounded by gorgeous homegrown fruit and veggies – it’s like a spread straight out of Country Style magazine! Thanks also for confirming what I thought about well-rotted cook poo! Yeah for your girls!

  14. Hello – just found your blog and it’s lovely. The vintage look photos are such a wonderful reminder of summer days – rather than the relentless rain I’m looking out on at the moment!

  15. Really nice and healthy looking your plants. I thought UK was under freezing grip this year. It’s amazing that yours are looking so nice and healthy :-)

  16. Your shed looks super, it’s a really lovely shade. I don’t know how you manage to keep up with the weeding, I’m always putting it off.

  17. It looks so nice and neat, well done. And the shed is a great colour, we painted our back garden fence sea grass last year and purple flowers look amazing against it, especially tulips and verbena bonariensis.

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