Heinz Tomato CatchUp

heinz tomato ketchup

I’m taking part in the first gardening scheme launched by Heinz Tomato Ketchup, aimed at helping people to take the plunge and grow their own tomatoes! I’m recording how my tomato growing efforts are coming along here, on the blog. I started sowing my San Marzano seeds (sent to me by Heinz) towards the end of April, germination was a great success and the plants outgrew the cell trays fast.

heinz tomato ketchup

Today I spent some time in the greenhouse releasing the plants from the trays and potting them on, I’ve never grown a plum variety before so I’m really looking forward to seeing the fruits develop and picking my own fresh plum tomatoes. Because I have more plants than expected, family, friends and neighbours will benefit from my over-excitement of sowing free seeds!

You don’t need a garden or a greenhouse to grow tomatoes, they’re quite happy germinating on a sunny windowsill and will grow and fruit in a container or tomato grow bag on a sunny balcony, outside the back door or anywhere else you may be able to afford them a little sunshine. If you’d like some free tomato seeds, visit the Heinz Tomato Ketchup Facebook app. https://www.facebook.com/HeinzKetchupUK#!/HeinzKetchupUK/app_555620691137053

Check back to see how I’m getting on soon!

10 thoughts on “Heinz Tomato CatchUp

  1. Sunshine has been sadly lacking in what has been the coldest spring for 50 years. Most of my windowsill ones are nowhere near as big as they should be. xx


  2. I nearly zoomed off to get some free tomato seeds, but I am trying to hold myself back. I already have far more than I planned to have this year. This always happens, I can’t understand it, it’s a sickness. I see all the different varieties and all the tantalising descriptions and get completely carried away.


  3. I’m so sad as I have been banned from growing tomatoes… It might have something to do with the fact that I let them take over the entire house last year because I got over excited and grew so many. The worst thing was, that most didn’t ripen. I was totally in the dog house! :)


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