Mason Bee Nest Update

I checked the bug box on the allotment shed yesterday and found a ‘mud plug’ sealing the entrance to a tube, indicating a completed nest. I didn’t have my camera to hand so I used my Apple iPad.

mason bee nest

The weather has been utterly gorgeous, I planted sweetcorn, giant pumpkins and three varieties of courgette, then gave the whole plot a good soaking. I noticed the foxglove raised from seed is flowering now, I had no idea what colour the flowers would be but I’m pleased, they look gorgeous against the blue shed.

More iPad photos:


Lupins are slow to get going this year (just one in flower so far), but they will!

allotment shed

I planted courgettes in the bean bed (beans will be planted out soon), I use courgettes in this way as ground cover which cuts down on weeding, the courgette plants eventually shade bean roots as they grow, cutting down on watering.

planting courgettes

Back to the plot today to plant sunflowers!

11 thoughts on “Mason Bee Nest Update

  1. Looks good! I just love foxglove and lupines. They will be beautiful. Good idea to use courgettes as a ground cover. Do you know about the 3 sisters? I think it originates with Native Americans. Grow corn, beans and squash together. The beans grow up the corn, and the squash is at their feet. Like your courgettes, creating a ground cover and keeping moisture in. Can’t wait to see the sunflowers. Patti


  2. All looking good: my compliments.
    Foxgloves look beautiful and will self seed copiously, just be ready for that next year.
    We leave some to flower and compost the rest – before they flower.


  3. Hi Patti, thank you. Yes I know of 3 sisters planting, I do like using as much ground as I can and squash/pumpkins are perfect for ground cover. I planted some sunflowers raised at home today, as well as Nasturtium and a new variety of Calendula. I prefer self-seeded sunflowers, they usually grow stronger in my experience so hopefully next year they’ll self-seed well.


  4. Oh your allotment does look wonderful. Mine is so weedy round the edges, I’m starting to get panicky! I still have bees going in and out of the holes in the side of my shed, but I don’t think I’ll be able to tell if there are any eggs. Hope so though!


  5. That’s a good tip about shading the runner bean roots. They soon dry out don’t they! Our beans are slow to germinate this year. I am worried they may have been eaten under the ground this time so my friend has planted another set, just in case.


  6. Hi Starproms, I’ve had problems with seed bean fly this year, might be worth checking on the seed to see if you’ve had a problem too. You’ll soon be able to tell, tiny maggots eat the bean! Fingers crossed yours are OK.


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