Frog Photoshoot


The new wildlife pond is proving to be very popular with the local frog population, everyday the pond is occupied, as well as the pond edges. Because of the positioning of the pond, I’m able to get close enough to observe and photograph the frogs without making them feel threatened.


Using a macro lens allows me to capture their beautiful markings and colouration in a bit more detail. These particular frogs are common frogs, but I think they’re awesome.


Since adding a wildlife pond to our garden, I haven’t seen any frogs in the koi pond. I guess they prefer the safety, privacy and ease of a fish-free pond.


It may be a new pond, but already it looks as if it’s always been here. Plants are thriving, mosquito larvae are wriggling around, and water boatmen and pond skaters are arriving now too.


Swapping over to another lens I captured a homely shot of this happy little soul, smiling back at me. Hopefully the frogs will spawn here next spring.

Oh the photo opportunities!


15 thoughts on “Frog Photoshoot

  1. Really lovely pics – reminds me how much I loved having frogs in the garden, two houses ago, when we had two ponds. May not get on to making a separate frog pond this year – polytunnel, chicken run and many new veg beds higher up the to-do list. But have seen where a wildlife pond can be sited in future – meanwhile I’ll just have to l live with a bit of frog envy!


  2. Amazing photos! We’re lucky in benefitting from wildlife ponds in nearby fields – it means that the frogs and toads regularly pay a visit to our garden. But I’ve never been able to get close enough for photos like these.


  3. What fabulous photos Karen, you’ve captured so much detail! That last pic, froggy framed by forget-me-nots is just lovely.


  4. Wow, fantastic photographs. I managed to take a froggy photo the other day when one jumped out from under the raspberries. We’ve got some tadpoles as well in the little wildlife pond I dug last year. I was inspired by a post here I believe, so thank you for that!


  5. Amazing photos, thank you for sharing them. I’ve just discovered your blog and I love your garden!! I only have a tiny garden and have been thinking about putting in a wildlife pond, I think I will now!


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