The Allotment in July

blue shed

I’m so proud of how the allotment looks now, it’s a far cry from the weedy patch of land it used to be and I certainly don’t miss the stubborn soil it came with.

vegetable trug

sussex veg trug

Although I remember the aches and pains gained from sheer hard graft, sometimes it’s hard to visualise how the plot used to look as I casually fill the trug with fresh vegetables.




The strawberry patch and soft fruit bushes are really coming into their own now, I made some delicious jams recently to avoid a glut.

pretty allotment


I try to make the allotment butterfly and bee friendly, I think it creates something beautiful to look at.

pallet compost bin

We’ve recently introduced a new compost bin, made using wood pallets lying around. They’re also handy for lifting pumpkin fruit from the soil to prevent rotting.


yellow courgettes

Yellow courgettes look good, taste good and are super easy to spot and harvest before they grow too large and turn watery, we have green courgettes (including a round variety) growing too and I’ve already missed a few. If this happens I simply cut them in half and give them to the hens to have a good peck at, they love them!

red onions

It’s going to be a good year for onions!

31 thoughts on “The Allotment in July

  1. Yesssss!
    Easy to see why you’re proud of it:great photos …
    But behind it all lies a lot of hard work:you should be proud!
    Such deserved success.


  2. Your allotment looks gorgeous! Loving the sunflowers! I’ve grown some yellow courgettes too, can’t wait to see of they’ve grown while I’m away on holiday!


  3. Lovely. It is easy to forget how far you have come I think. Your allotment is looking really fantastic. And I adore your shed!


  4. Many thanks Anna! I do love my sunflowers – a little short but not surprised as they hardly ever grow tall from bought seed. I’m leaving the heads in place for birds and hopefully taller self-seeded sunflowers next year!


  5. Glad you said “good year for the onions” – it’s the first year I’ve planted them, and not sure what I’m doing with them!!


  6. It looks beautiful! We painted our fence that sea green colour and it makes such a fantastic backdrop to the plants. I’ve been obsessing with bees and butterflies this year and had a dedicated green manure patch with mustard and phacyllia, the bees, in huge numbers, were visibly loaded with pollen and even fell into drunken sleep inside the flowers. My sunflowers are on the way now too.


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