Sarah Raven’s Cosmos ‘Bright Lights’

Sarah Raven Bright Lights Cosmos

Apart from the mighty Sunflower, Cosmos has to be one of my favourite garden flowers to grow and enjoy in my garden and the allotment. The usual Cosmos colour palette that I grow ranges from snow-white to deep plum, but this year I added a different colour to the mix – Cosmos sulphureus ‘Bright Lights’ from Sarah Raven seeds.

An orange/yellow-flowered variety, the foliage being denser than other Cosmos varieties that I grow, resembling Marigold leaves. The colours are vivid tangerine orange to golden-yellow, mix this variety with other Cosmos or grow it on its own to brighten a dull corner. Perfect for containers, my pots of mixed Cosmos in the garden are still flowering and attracting plenty of bees and other pollinators. They look amazing flowering in front of my blue allotment shed.

Easy to grow, if you love Cosmos you won’t be disappointed with this variety. I confess to preferring fine ‘feathery’ foliage Cosmos but that’s a personal choice. You can purchase your seeds direct from the Sarah Raven website.

8 thoughts on “Sarah Raven’s Cosmos ‘Bright Lights’

  1. Beautiful colour! Here in Cairo, we keep bees on the roof that produce honey with a great variety of tastes according to the season. At the moment, it’s dark and strong – probably from our Mediterranean basil plants (not the sweet variety), or maybe from neighbours’ trees. Waiting with anxiety now for the European bee-eaters to appear on their autumn journey south!


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