Beet Leaves, Anyone?

speckledy hen

Between the allotment and garden, I seem to have grown rather a lot of beets this year. Because the girls love helping themselves to whatever I’ve grown if they can get to it, I decided to turn a blind eye to them tearing strips off the garden beets.

white chicken

Of course, eating MY veg is much more fun than foraging for stuff growing wild.

speckledy chicken

I think they quite enjoyed picking their own.

12 thoughts on “Beet Leaves, Anyone?

  1. I love that bottom picture, it’s as if she has been caught in the act and is acting all innocent, not realising the leaf is hanging out of her beak! You do get some fantastic pictures of them.


  2. Lovely pictures of your chickens, they are quite beautiful. Would you share any secrets you have for growing great beets. I can grow most any vegetable, but beets are a challenge at times. I have added bone meal this year and we are getting beets( first time this year) in our soil which we are building up to a deeper level.:-) robbie


  3. Many thanks Robbie. I find beets do well in a sunny, warm spot. Thanks to the great summer this year our seedlings romped away and we’ve got more than we need. If you have a greenhouse or covered area try starting them off in cell trays and planting out when conditions are right. As our beets grow I earth the soil up around them slightly to stop them snapping in high winds. We feed our soil with well rotted chicken manure, topped with organic compost or homemade if it’s ready. I hope this helps.


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