Book Review – Once Upon a Flock

Once Upon A Flock revised cover resized

I was kindly asked by Kew Publicity to review Once Upon a Flock by acclaimed illustrator and author Lauren Scheuer, I was especially excited to receive this book because I’d heard so many good things about it, and now it has arrived in the UK. Hoorah! Humorously written, a memoir full of chicken addiction. I can honestly say I found it tricky to put down.

Lauren Collage

Lauren’s memoir is a heart-warming account of her experiences raising a small flock of chickens with big personalities. The book covers the highs and lows of chicken keeping with laughs, surprises and the occasional tear along the way. Lauren’s admiration for her flock shines through in her own photographs and endearing illustrations, Once Upon a Flock is a visual delight, perfect for sharing with children of all ages. Lauren’s storytelling is warm and witty, typical of her style which is evident in her popular blog, Scratch and Peck.

Once Upon a Flock

Once Upon a Flock is not your typical ‘how to raise chickens’ style book, however, it does contain knowledge gained from Lauren’s own personal experiences and adventures of keeping these wonderful pets. A must read for anyone who already shares their life with a flock of chickens and those contemplating the idea. Once Upon a Flock will have you scribbling down chicken coop plans on your morning paper and eyeing up the perfect spot in the garden to site your chicken palace masterpiece.

Lauren scheuer coop sketch

Reading Lauren’s memoir helped to ease my own concerns of coming across as slightly chicken obsessed sometimes, it’s a relief to learn I’m not the only one to appreciate fluffy chicken pantaloons…..feathers on a chicken’s behind to non-chicken folk. But, you already knew that, right?!

Once Upon a Flock is available from 3rd October 2013 in hardback from Waterstones, Amazon, Royal Horticultural Society gift shops and all good book shops. Also available as an e-book.

Special thanks to Jane Beaton of Kew Publicity and to Lauren Scheuer, for permission to use her lovely illustrations.

6 thoughts on “Book Review – Once Upon a Flock

  1. Always good to come across proof that other people are as mad you are!! So much less lonely ;-) Seriously though, if I ever manage to persuade TNG that chicken keeping is a Good Idea I will look out or this.


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