Pecking Apples

apple harvest

The apple trees in the orchard are feeling the strain from the weight of fruit on their branches, I guess it’s time to stock the larder cupboard.


Armed with my ladder and apple crates, I’ve started to pick apples to use for cooking. And I had company. The hens enjoyed the sunshine and wandered off under the safety of the trees, the rescue girls stuck to me like glue as usual. However, they were great ‘quality control inspectors’, jumping in and out of the apple crates, pecking apples. They just have to be involved in everything I do, from harvesting fruit to sweeping leaves.

chicken orchard


hen orchard

We have plenty of fruit from our orchard to make warm crumbles, delicious pies and tarts, thanks to a wonderful summer. Did your fruit trees produce plenty of fruit this year?

25 thoughts on “Pecking Apples

  1. Excellent crop of apples here in Lincolnshire too Karen, no idea what variety but a mix of cookers and eaters. In a bid to expand the repertoire I produced some lovely looking (but not yet tasted) apple jelly this year. The rescue girls are looking fantastic. Fortunately my hens do not like apples, but they have enjoyed the neighbouring plum tree from which we cheekily positioned a branch over the fence.


  2. Our apple tree was laden with blossom this year and our hopes were high for a good crop. Then the wind came and blew it all away. so no harvest. A bit disappointed but it did not stop us adding a second tree for next year. Better luck possibly :)


  3. Gorgeous pics, looks as if those lovely apples are being enjoyed by all! We’ve just been juicing apples this weekend and it was so satisfying being out in the sunshine, seeing all the juice trickling into bottles.


  4. Spring has just started here and my apple trees are covered in blossoms and bees..getting excited ..beautiful pics and the girls look adorable :) Fozziemum


  5. Thanks I will :) we got the five year old trees in giant apple boxes from the local fair..they can’t sell them as people around here ploughed their trees into the ground during drought and don’t want to waste water..they had them set up in the local park for the fair,full of apples and looking beautiful,we got four trees delivered in their crates for 80 dollars each I am so excited :)


  6. Just be careful of the stone – a friends hen swallowed one whole and needed crop surgery to remove it :/ The Victoria plums tend to have large stones, other varieties can be beak-sized. Yikes!


  7. It’s been a super year for plums, berries and figs. I’m so pleased. My girls love apples too and offer chase each other around for the core, it can be so funny. Love your stories, keep them coming.


  8. We had a good crop of apples this year. I purchased one of those old-fashioned apple peelers. Once adjusted, it worked great! I peeled, cored, quartered and placed the apple pieces in freezer bags. Now, when I want some apple sauce, I put the contents of the frozen apple pieces in a food processor. It tastes great!


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