Harvesting the Carrots

harvesting carrots

This year I grew carrot varieties that I’ve never tried before. After looking at so many tempting choices, I settled on a main crop variety called ‘Flakkee’ and a yellow-skinned variety called ‘Jaune Obtuse du Doubs’, a French heirloom with a beautiful sweet taste. Both nice varieties and trouble-free to grow if you fancy a change from your usual favourites.


I’ve just realised, I don’t have a photo of the yellow carrots! If I get to the allotment this weekend I will grab one. They’re a lovely colour and look fantastic grated into a salad.


I’m looking forward to browsing seed catalogues and websites soon, I’ll probably order new varieties for next year. I quite enjoy the challenge and unpredictability of growing new things.

15 thoughts on “Harvesting the Carrots

  1. I remember you saying you don’t have much luck with carrots, Flighty. This year was good, no carrot fly, last year was awful for germination! I love the challenge, as I’m sure you do too. All part of gardening I suppose :) Have a great weekend!


  2. I have never grown them, because my soil is very clayey. I keep thinking “When my soil becomes nice and friable, then I will grow carrots”. Yours are an inspiration!


  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I want to try more carrots next year at the allotment, as we eat so many of them. I did sow some rows this year, but I only ended up with about a dozen carrots – it’s a mystery where they all went. I shall keep trying though, and looking for good varieties. The yellow one sounds great.


  4. Fabulous blog for any aspiring gardeners! I have a love for all things that grow, and especially if you can eat them! :) Looking forward to more exciting veg news :)


  5. Beautiful! Congratulations on a nice harvest.
    I have grown carrots before and they are so sweet and tender. I think hubby has some in the garden right now! We have a nice gardening season in the fall here in Texas


  6. Hi CJ, spring was slow to arrive and I find carrots just won’t germinate well if the soil is cold and the weather is constantly chilly. I started my carrots late this year, waiting for some warmer spells to really get them going. Last year was a disaster for carrots, summer just didn’t really arrive! Better luck for next year x


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