Greek Gigantes Beans

greek gigantes beans

Back in May I blogged about having a go at growing a type of rare runner bean called Greek Gigantes. You can view the post here:

I grew just 3 plants up tall canes at my allotment, they grew well in the warm sunshine producing lots of lovely white flowers. Leaving the pods to go brown and papery on the plants, I picked them before the real wet weather arrived to avoid rotting. As you can see, the beans are huge and as white as snow, with a lovely buttery taste which I’m a big fan of.

dried pods of greek gigantes beans

greek gigantes beans and pods

I did rely on the runners to feed us throughout summer, but these beans are unusual and worth growing if you like buttery beans and wish to avoid a glut of beans throughout summer, considering how prolific runners can be!

11 thoughts on “Greek Gigantes Beans

  1. are they similar to butter bean or just a white runner seed? I’ve just saved some giant sunflower seeds inbox me if you want some seeds as i have hundreds
    fran x


  2. Hi Fran, they are similar to butter beans, and swell even larger when cooked. Soak them first though. Much larger bean than runners.

    I’d love some sunflower seed, would you like me to send you some Greek Gigantes as a swap? x


  3. They look fantastic, and such a good size. I think they’d make good dips. I shall look out for the seeds for next year.


  4. These beans are beautiful. Runner beans remind me of primary school – I can still remember germinating them in glass jars with green paper towels and watching the root and shoot emerge!


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