Winter Flowering Pansies to the Rescue

winter flowering pansies

I decided to give the stone urn planters at the front of our property a much-needed makeover, full of weeds they looked sad and neglected. Unloved.

Weedy stone urn planter
Weedy stone urn planters. Oh the shame!

I replaced the contents of each planter with fresh compost, planting each one with mixed red winter flowering pansies, trailing variegated ivy completed the fiery autumn look I was going for. The urns were crying out to be planted with ivy, it goes so well with these style planters.

pansies and ivy urn planters

Stone urn planters

Now they look all loved again, very regal and romantic, a touch festive too? The planters are in a sheltered spot against the house wall, hopefully the pansies will continue to flower throughout the cold weather although they won’t appreciate heavy snow.

Have a great weekend everyone!

10 thoughts on “Winter Flowering Pansies to the Rescue

  1. Really lovely, there’s nothing like ivy trailing over stone. Pansies are so fantastic for winter flowering. I love looking out of the window in the worst of weather and seeing them.


  2. They will give a great splash of warm colour in the dark days of winter – but I wonder, is there any plant that could be used to add height? One problem I have with containers of any size is that low-lying plants look dwarfed inside them. I use geraniums (here in Egypt we don’t need to worry about harsh winters) and have tried to add trailing lobelia, but they don’t grow too well in Cairo. Any other suggestions?


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