Beetroot ‘Burpees Golden’

beetroot burpees golden

I had a wonderful crop of beetroot this year, my usual ‘Boltardy’ and an orange variety called ‘Burpees Golden’. The attractive orange roots look wonderful grown alongside red/purple varieties, a great contrast grated together in salads. No bleeding or staining, unlike the red varieties!

burpees golden beetroot

The attractive green and yellow tops can be eaten too, harvest young leaves as baby leaves, older leaves can be steamed and used as Spinach or Chard. Easy to grow although germination can be a bit hit and miss, sow thicker than you normally would for beets to avoid gaps in rows.

beetroot burpees golden

The vivid root colour just gets better when cooked, a lovely sweet taste but I do prefer the red varieties for flavour. Thank you to Mr Fothergills for sending me the seeds to grow.

14 thoughts on “Beetroot ‘Burpees Golden’

  1. They’re just gorgeous! I cannot wait till I get out of student accommodation + can finally start to grow my own food again!


  2. I grew some golden beetroot this year as well, although I can’t remember offhand what variety they were. They were nice, but on balance I think I do prefer the purple ones. They did grow well though, and I’ll certainly use up any seed I’ve got left.


  3. Didn’t manage beetroot this year unfortunately, but the golden ones look lovely. Did some Chioggia a lovely pink/white striped one last year but unfortunately when cooked it just went all pink/purple! Have a rogue purple parsnip in amongst my parsnips however this year…


  4. I have grown the golden beets as well and I do like their flavor. However, curious if you found them as a whole to be much smaller in size than some of the popular red beet varieties?


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