Garlic Planting

planting garlic

End of the year preparations are almost finished at the allotment, just a couple more beds to weed and lightly dig over and plot 4 will be ready to rest over winter. Time ran away with me a bit this year, luckily the weather has been very accommodating, allowing plenty of time to catch up and complete jobs that I’ve usually finished before now. There are plenty of carrots and parsnips left over to harvest, but these are being saved for our Christmas day dinner. Yum.

germidour garlic

At the weekend I started planting garlic, usually I grow ‘Cristo’ but I couldn’t get it from my local supplier so I chose ‘Germidour’ instead, a French variety well adapted to British growing conditions. I was drawn by the striking purple stripes along the sides of the bulbs, after splitting each bulb for planting I was amazed at the size of the cloves.

planting garlic

I space each clove by stretching my thumb and forefinger apart and place the clove on top of the soil, it’s a rough planting distance but it works for me. Once I’m happy with my rows I make holes with a dibber and place the cloves in, covering over with soil (make sure the pointy end of each garlic clove is facing upwards).

raised bed with wire mesh cover

I use a wire mesh frame to cover the garlic bed, this stops birds and other allotment wildlife from disturbing the garlic. Once they sprout I remove the frame. Hopefully I’ll grow some whoppers!

20 thoughts on “Garlic Planting

  1. What great photos, I loved seeing you at your plot. I don’t usually have anyone to take pictures of me when I’m there. I love garlic planting time. It’s the first thing to be planted, and it seems almost like the start of a season in the garden. I’m very envious of you having your plot ready for winter.


  2. Thanks CJ, if I’m honest I prefer being behind the camera, I think I’m being quite brave lately! My plot is more or less ready, this year has been tough and it still is for personal reasons, but I’m doing my best and using my plot as therapy x


  3. Hi Frances, there’s still time to plant garlic, you can plant it right up until around February if you can’t do it now, but obviously the sooner you do it the better so that the cloves gets a good frosting and the developing bulbs have time to bulk up before Summer. Another way of planting garlic is to plant single cloves in small pots, once they sprout you can plant them direct (as long as the ground isn’t frozen solid!) x


  4. Great sense of both energy and relaxation in the words and pictures here. Garlic? Thanks for the reminder.
    Have you planted any overwintering onions or broad beans this year?


  5. GREAT post!! love growing anything I can get my hands on… but that is the life of a homesteader! I do love your beds, we have similar raised beds here on our property, we also utilize wire mesh on top and below our beds to help with all kinds of critters trying to get our stuff!… Great to see other doing this as well.

    Thanks for sharing with us!!


  6. Hi! Love your shot of the striped garlic. I also grow my own and wrote a a “how to” article about growing it for my local community magazine. It is so fun and so easy and SO tasty! I know what you mean about time getting away from you…I just planted my garlic for this year 2 weeks ago but I think I am in a much colder climate. (Zone 6.) Happy garlic growing!


  7. I had a lot of success with my garlic this year, especially the elephant garlic. Mine for next year went in in October so I’m hoping for another good crop come summer. I like the wire mesh idea, I must try to get some because I suffer with cats. I do like cats but they do like a freshly dug vegetable plot a little too much for my liking. :)


  8. mariekeates, yes cats can be a problem with lovely fresh soil, not a pleasant experience uncovering cat ‘toilet’ in your veggie beds! A cat visits our allotment site, he watches me sometimes and probably catches plenty of rodents. So, there is a plus side there somewhere!


  9. I didn’t know you plant garlic in the late fall. We get terrible cold winters here, so perhaps I will start mine inside in the basement. When do you harvest? I’m enjoying reading your blog. WP recommended your blog to me, and now I see why.


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