Bringing the Outside In

yule decorations

I’ve really enjoyed decorating the house for the festive holiday, the lingering scent of a fresh tree sets the mood for me. There’s something special about fresh greenery in the house at Christmas / Yule, it’s so cheery and beautiful to look at, and it smells wonderful too.

christmas decoration ideas

I dressed the fireplace mantle using fresh sprigs of pine, fresh pine cones and ivy from the garden, a simple lit berry garland adds a touch of sparkle. Windowsills were dressed with a mixture of pine branches and ivy, pine cones and bunched cinnamon sticks tied with raffia and dried fruit on wires.

yule decoration

yule decoration ideas

Do you like my festive wire Oak tree?
Do you like my festive wire Oak tree?

Add a festive touch to your home by bringing a little of the outside in, use things from the garden or collect bits on a walk.


  1. So beautiful…our heat here dries everything terribly…I still manage to get the pinecones in and plenty of cinnamon quills …orange just doesn’t last sadly…but some start anise and even peppercorns all popped together are lovely :) Have a fab Christmas :) xx

  2. Beautiful! I love decorating with greens and pine cones. Though it can be addicting and I have expanded from the mantle, to every room in the house. You just can’t have too many greens I think. I love the cinnamon sticks and orange..I will have to try that. 😊 It is a fun time of year. Have a happy Christmas!

  3. Really, really beautiful! I’m definitely on the same wavelength as you for holiday decorating. I love to use natural materials -garden trimmings, fruit, coffee beans, Rock salt, etc… This year I used Raffia too on my own wreath. It is on my site and is wreath titled natural elements if interested. :)

  4. You’re absolutely right! I like this smell on Christmas Eve a lot. So I decorate only with real plants!

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