Last Allotment Visit of the Year


Today I went to the allotment to dig up parsnips for our Christmas Day meal, probably my last visit to the allotment before the new year arrives. The parsnips look and smell amazing, ‘Gladiator’ always does well for me.

The next few days ahead will keep me really busy but it won’t all be about Christmas, we have a special birthday to celebrate too, our daughter will be sweet 16 (which makes us feel old!).

13 thoughts on “Last Allotment Visit of the Year

  1. They look fab! hope you all have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year and a great Sweet Sixteen birthday…wait until your eldest is 30 and your babies 26…ancient as dirt it makes you feel hahaah :) hugs Fozziemum xx


  2. Happy birthday to your little girl. The parsnips look wonderful. I had to get mine from Tesco. Next year I will do better and have allotment-grown ones for Christmas Day. Hopefully. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year.


  3. what a treat to be able to do that! Here the ground is frosen and will be till May, but as soon as the Christmas decorations are gone there will be room in the windows to grow! :)


  4. Merry Birthmas! Yes, we also have a Christmas baby, although it’s my grandson. My parsnips were , to me, a bit disappointing to look at but were a roaring success at the table. It’s a shame everyone seemed to suffer with late Brussels Sprouts this year!


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