New Year Visit to the Allotment

Yesterday I went to the lottie, the sun was shining which was a lovely break from the heavy rain and damaging winds that have been hanging around lately, surprise surprise much the same today. After spending a couple of hours hand weeding and generally mooching about (as you do), I sat on our bench made from tree logs by the shed and enjoyed my sandwiches in the warm sunshine. It was so lovely I didn’t need to put my coat on. Looking around at my surroundings, my plot and others look as if they’re trying to wake up already.

broad bean plants
Broad bean plants growing happily in what was the pumpkin patch during summer.

Growing happily in the strawberry bed and pumpkin patch (the latter a tangled mushy mess) are broad bean plants. Probably the result of rodent or bird activities, I didn’t plant them but if I had they certainly wouldn’t survive to this stage (I don’t have much luck starting broad beans in autumn!). One plant is flowering. Will I be picking broad beans soon? I wonder….

Flowering broad beans in January!
Flowering broad beans in January!

I noticed Calendula ‘Flashback Mix’ flowering by the allotment shed, colourful small flowers entwined with grey skeleton stems left over from summer. We’ve seen just one hard frost so far this winter, obviously not enough to wipe these cheery little flowers out completely.

Calendula flowers hanging on in January
Calendula flowers hanging on in January

Remember the garlic I planted recently? Well, they’re poking through the soil already, soldiers standing to attention. The rhubarb patch is waking up too.

Timperley Early rhubarb beginning to grow in winter
Timperley Early rhubarb beginning to grow in winter

I’m a big fan of Timperley Early rhubarb, a super early variety great for forcing for an even earlier crop. I won’t lie, I was tempted to place my forcer over the crown but I’ll be patient and give my rhubarb another year to grow even stronger before inflicting greed and a terrible case of sweet tooth upon it.

14 thoughts on “New Year Visit to the Allotment

  1. Glad to see things are moving on your plot. We checked ours last week and we were water logged and since it hasn’t stopped raining we must be flooded now I imagine. Crazy weather!

  2. Oh how lovely. I am so jealous of anything green and growing since everything here is covered with snow. How wonderful to have such a long growing season!


  3. I am solo envious! Even if greens could survive the cold here in the frozen north and even if they were not standing in puddles of water, they would get torn out of the ground by the near gale force winds. It’s just not fair! ;-)

  4. It’s looking good! And how lovely to see those little flowers. Let us hope that this is a good year for fruit and veggies.

  5. How lovely to see Broad beans..too early for us here..Summer is very cruel..having said that we have had one day of 44.4C and now back to cool days..very odd and the garden is not amused!! Artichokes doing well..cumqats good..Apples doing well..that’s about it…bit sad really :)

  6. Aw what a lovely blog, wordpress recommended it to me and I am glad they did. My plot is not too far from Timperley and is awash with the very same rhubarb, it’s coming up already! Looking forward to following your blog now I have discovered it.

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