Hello Old Friend

allotment in winter
The allotment in winter, thanks to a mild but very wet winter, the weeds are still growing strong.

The weather continues to be dreadful, not the sort to be pottering about in gardens or allotments that’s for sure. Because of the weather I’ve avoided our allotment for weeks, today I made time to look around to check how everything was bearing up. Much to my surprise the shed still stands where we built it and our plot isn’t underwater. As I stood there examining everything, I felt that I, we, and all the other plot holders have been incredibly fortunate, the whole allotment site looks remarkably good considering. I noticed weeds growing happily, I didn’t get around to completely weeding every bed and I only covered the beds where I plan to grow potatoes. Now all I need is a little dry weather to sort this out, not a chance at the moment *rolls eyes*.

I snapped a few photos of the allotment using my phone:

self-sown broad beans in february

Broad beans growing happily (of course they are, I didn’t plant them!), sown by Mother Nature herself.

garlic february

Garlic looks great, I’m so pleased I put extra effort into weeding the garlic bed and topping it up with fresh compost and a sandy seed compost to help with drainage. I must have known…….

scabious flowering in february

Scabiosa ‘Butterfly Pink’ still flowering and showing no sign of stopping anytime soon, you’ve got to find room on your plot for a plant.

carrots eaten by wild rabbits

Naughty, naughty rabbits!!!

rhubarb patch

Timperley Early rhubarb looking great, a little frost nipped but strong and healthy.

I’ve missed our allotment, it’s like an old friend. I even miss the hurried fly by visits, you know, when life gets hectic. As it does. Roll on spring and drier weather. Please?

25 thoughts on “Hello Old Friend

  1. Hey, I probably have not commented before, but I have been following your blog for a long time. I really like what your doing and enjoy following small farmers all over the world. I really like these pictures and understand that it is hard to grow during the winter month, but hang on there, spring is coming around the corner. Keep up the good work!!


  2. Your allotment looks great despite all of the hideous weather we’ve been having. I’m desperate to get back out into the garden when it’s a bit drier. However, I have been consoling myself by growing some interesting varieties of houseplant – they’ve given me hours of fun!


  3. My weeds are flourishing too, but your plot looks great despite them, won’t take much to get it all going full steam ahead once this crazy storm cycle lets us out of its grip. I have a self sown broad bean plant flowering away too!


  4. It looks beautifully neat at your allotment, I do envy you your raised beds and immaculate pathways. The garlic looks fantastic. Mine was looking distinctly sorry for itself the other when I visited it. But it’s usually such a good grower, I’m sure it will sort itself out when spring arrives. Your rhubarb’s looking good too. No sign of mine, I think it may have given up. Just as soon as there’s a dry spell, I’ll be out doing some weeding too.


  5. The weather must get better soon, surely! Mother natures broad beans, your rhubarb and garlic all look very resilient. I know what you mean too about an old friend.


  6. I went out to survey my garden today, too. Weeded, spread some compost, thinned out the garlic & onions that multiplied over the winter, and just generally tidied things up. I don’t have anything in the ground other than the onions & garlic, but I have a handful of seed packets!


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