Nature Can Be Cruel, Yet So Beautiful

bird nest

A couple of weeks ago, following a storm, I found a little bird nest.

bird nest

Thankfully empty (with no sign of eggs anywhere near) it lay there, upside down on the lawn, perfect and beautiful. A victim of the destructive gale force winds.

nest bird

It’s a miniature work of art, and I wanted to share its beauty through my photographs. Each piece of the nest carefully and expertly constructed, using natural materials of twigs, moss and leaves, with soft man-made fibres lining the centre.

bird nest

I got a little emotional when I spotted long black and tan dog hair entwined with the fibres, I recognised them instantly. Our boy, a German Shepherd who we lost suddenly last summer, lives on in this nest. And for this very reason, I’ll treasure it.

19 thoughts on “Nature Can Be Cruel, Yet So Beautiful

  1. What a beautiful thing, all the more so because of the link to your doggie. I have a nest that fell out of the ivy in the back lane a few years ago, and we really treasure it. The boys have all taken it to school/pre-school for Show and Tell. They are quite miraculous I think.


  2. That is beautiful. I love to draw nests, and am always amazed at the ingenuity of the construction. Yours is particularly wonderful, with the lichen — and your beloved dog’s hairs. Thank you for showing me.


  3. We have had a blackbirds nest in our garden for several years. It’s at human eye height and fairly easy to see now befit the foliage comes back in. A work of art


  4. The perfect gift of touching your heart twice, once with delight and wonder, and then again with remembrance and loss. You titled this post perfectly, the cruelty and beauty. And you wrote so it unfolded for me the same way, from delight to sorrow, but no less grateful.


  5. What a wonderful thing to find – There’s a lot of work in that nest, what a shame that it blew down in the storms – and hopefully there won’t be a bird flying around wondering where her home has gone! Lovely photos, it looks very cosy!


  6. Nature is amazing, and how lovely that they adapt the materials they find, your boy was helping the birds along which is wonderful. Always remember a lovely blackbird we had for a few years in the garden, she used to “decorate” her nest with pinks which caused endless amusement.


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