Recycling and Chicken Therapy

feeding chickens

A shed business adjacent to the allotments allows us to take away their scrap wood, they’re happy to let us in the yard at the back to take what we need. Today we rescued some wood from a potential bonfire, which is where the wood ends up if nobody claims it. In the yard there’s a flock of free range hens, they belong to the owners of the shed business. They’re friendly girls and followed me everywhere, I must be a chicken magnet. I enjoyed feeding them little bits of grass, they stayed close and gobbled down earthworms sheltering under planks of wood as we removed it. Clever girls.

feeding chickens

Thanks to the kind folk at the shed business we have plenty of wood to make more raised beds for our allotment, and I enjoyed spending a bit of time with their chickens. It cheered me up a bit, I’ve been feeling low ever since losing Hermione (my Columbine hen) to a heart attack yesterday. She passed away in my arms and it was the most upsetting thing to witness. She appeared healthy prior to yesterday so it was a bit of a shock.

chickens dustbathing

columbine chicken

Goodbye my princess, our garden won’t be the same without you strutting around with your fabulous hair do x


  1. Oh, so sorry you lost your Hermione. If I may ask, how did you know it was a heart attack? I had a young hen die last Fall very suddenly and wondered if it might be that. But I don’t know what it was. So I am wondering if there is a way to tell. Thanks. Your Hermione was beautiful.

  2. So sorry you’ve lost your lovely hen so suddenly. It sounds like you have a good arrangement with the shed people, how handy to have a supply of wood so close by.

  3. Pattigail, the face, wattles and comb go very dark, almost purple and they appear to fit (head and neck throws back, flapping of wings and body contorts) which happens about 3 or 4 times in quick succession. I’ve witnessed it only once before so I knew what was happening. It’s so incredibly sad. I’m sorry you lost your girl.

  4. Thanks. I didn’t actually see her die, I just found her. But I had been up in the coop not 10 minutes earlier and she had been fine, Her comb and wattle were bright red when I found her so maybe it wasn’t a heart attack. There was no mark on her. It was a mystery. One of my other hens alerted me that something was wrong so I found her right away. I may never know but I had wondered if it was heart attack or something. Thanks for the information though. They do creep into our hearts, don’t they?

  5. Their colour goes back to normal or slightly paler after death occurs, it’s still a possible cause. They certainly do creep into our hearts, I didn’t sleep well last night because of how upset I was after the event….you know you’re going to lose them all one day but nothing prepares you for finding a hen that you care for in distress.

  6. A poignant post in all ways. I’m sorry you lost your princess. There’s something that seems like we’re invading their privacy when a critter crosses over in our presence. I felt so sad reading that part of your post. I LOVE how much you love and appreciate chickens! Thank you!!!

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