Back on the Plot


The weather has been settled and sunny for many days now, a pleasant respite from the rain allowing many hours of work at the allotment to prepare the ground for sowing and planting. Rich made a couple of raised beds using the wood we recently recycled, our plot now pretty much finished with regards to the design and layout. Gone is the tarp covering the unused difficult area, the ground now workable.

blackcurrant bush

During a break from weeding and turning over the soil I noticed mounds of fresh lupin growth by the shed, the beautiful shaped leaves easily recognisable. Fat leaf buds on fruit bushes are beginning to burst open and crisp white broad bean flowers sparkle in the sunshine. A previously sleepy allotment, suddenly bursting into life.

lupin leaves

IMG_6151broadbeans Blog

Simple pleasures, just one of the reasons I enjoy gardening and the outdoors so much.

rhubarb crumble

After grafting at the allotment there’s nothing better than a warm serving of rhubarb crumble with a cup of tea, the first crumble of the year always tastes the best.


  1. Rhubarb crumble–I’m so jealous. We’ll have to wait at least a month before we even see the nubbins of rhubarb poking out of the frozen ground. Enjoy!

  2. Broad beans flowers! Rhubarb crumble! Your plot is way ahead of mine. I know what you mean about that first crop of the year, it’s so precious. Glad you’ve enjoyed it. I hope you have a good weekend.

  3. The signs of spring are here too but we’re behind you. When did you many your broad beans? We did ours in October but I suspect the mice got them : (

  4. The funny thing is, I didn’t plant these broad beans. Well, not directly! Self-sown from my spring/summer crops. This is the first time autumn/winter sown broad beans have done this well, probably because I had nothing to do with it ! ha ha!

  5. I can’t claim the glory for the broad beans, and the rhubarb was given to me by another plot holder who got a bit too excited and pulled too much for him to use, but my rhubarb is ready for harvest now and I’m so proud of it :) Have a great weekend too, CJ.

  6. Amazing photos! Our rhubarb is ready for harvest too and a rhubarb treat will be on the menu this weekend. I always get excited when rhubarb is ready to pick as it truly marks the start of the season for me.

  7. I love lupins, but find them hard to grow in the garden here. They seem to be very attractive to white fly unfortunately.
    Love rhubarb and your crumble pictures made my mouth water.

  8. Yes that’s the pest! It comes quickly and kills the plants immediately. We get aphids on the roses as well of course but usually they are hardy enough to withstand the attack until the greenfly and hornets come and knock them off; but the lupin is different. I suppose, because the stalks are softer than the rose, they don’t have as much resilience. Maybe I’ll try again this year. It’s a while since I tried before.

  9. Can’t wait for my rhubarb stems to grow! They’re just starting to grow on last year’s plant and I’ve put two more plants in last month so that in a few years we’ll have plenty. Fancy having bean flowers already! That’s another early harvest to look forward to!

  10. I’m still excited that our rhubarb survived us moving it let alone thinking about harvesting any just yet. I don’t think it will be too long though. I was thinking of trying to make rhubarb fool this year. It isn’t that I don’t like crumble, I love it, I just fancy doing something different this year.

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