Potting on Tomatoes

tomato seedlings

My tomato seedlings are at the stage where they need to part company with their seedling buddies and move into larger accommodation on their own. When the second pair of true leaves emerge they’re ready for potting on.

tray of tomato seedlings

When potting on tomato seedlings plant deeper than they were previously to encourage a better root system, this helps with watering during the summer months and helps to create a stronger plant all round. Don’t be afraid to bury them up to their necks, they’ll soon start growing tall again. Depending on the time of year you may need to re-pot again before planting to final positions, again plant deeper.

Potting On Tomatoes Collage

As usual I have an obscene amount of young plants, far more than I need but I always find good homes for them. This year I’m growing ‘Sungold’, ‘Cherry Red’, Gardener’s Delight’, ‘Money Maker’ and ‘Tigerella’ varieties.

tomato seedlings

When the time comes to plant my tomatoes to their final positions, they go inside the greenhouse in deep containers. I feed with liquid comfrey and mulch the surface of the containers with comfrey leaves to slow down evaporation of moisture, saving me time with watering. As the leaves break down they enrich the soil where the surface roots are.

Fingers crossed for a great summer, I’m looking forward to tasty home-grown tomatoes.

21 thoughts on “Potting on Tomatoes

  1. Our seeds just went into the flats on Sunday. We usually start then mid-march (to plant them outside end May) but we also don’t usually still have 4 ft of snow on the ground first week of April. :-( I didn’t want them to bloom inside. The last time that happened, we had to hand-pollinate and they didn’t do as well.

    Your plants look so healthy and happy. :-) Good luck! We have 7 heirloom varieties this year. I’m hoping for a better yield than last year. we had an extremely cold summer in 2013.

    Love reading your blog. I learn so much!


  2. You’ve reminded me I should pot mine on. I’ve got quite a few as well this year (well, let’s be honest, every year), but I grow mine outside so it’s a bit hit and miss when it comes to actual tomatoes. I’m hoping for sunshine. I have Essex Wonders and Striped Stuffers this year, amongst others. Sometimes I think I just buy them for the name.


  3. Your plants look great, I love the pictures! Mine are already about to bloom because I live in southwestern Texas, but my disadvantage is that in summer flowers stop pollinating and productivity is decreased due to excessive heat during the day and night. Hope they do great during the summer!


  4. We have had a VERY slow warm up here in Illinois, and I am going to get my seeds started next week, complete with warming lights under the trays and grow lamps on top. I hope that this late in the season, they will produce well. I am trying my hand at strictly heirloom veggies this year.

    Your little sprouts look so healthy and beautiful, good luck on your crop!


  5. My tomatoes are a little behind yours so it will be a while before they need potting on. They’re still seed leaves at the moment but they will come on and they’re going in tubs out on the patio.


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