September Allotment Photos

allotment collage I’m coming out of my blogging hibernation, it’s been a while since I’ve visited the plot let alone post about it. And I’m feeling guilty. I trundled off to the allotment at the weekend to tackle a really difficult bed (we all have one area that’s the bane of our lives don’t we?). Brambles, bindweed, creeping buttercup and couch grass greeted me. Gah! My heart sank, but I got on with the job of clearing it of top growth and roots, digging over and topping with manure. It really helped to lift my spirits but I soon felt achy so decided to make the move home before my back give way completely. allotment flowers But before I left I took photos of the prettiest part of the plot, all the summer flowers are still in full swing including a lovely sunflower alongside tired ones. I did really well with the sunflowers this year, using seed a friend sent to me. butternut squash There’s plenty of butternut squash to harvest and little pumpkins, lovely big marrows (I grow them for the chickens mainly) and here’s my second year attempt at a giant pumpkin…. allotment pumpkin …..didn’t quite work but it’s the best size I’ve grown yet so I’m happy with that.

21 thoughts on “September Allotment Photos

  1. Ohhh how I love this time of year, the allotment is still looking rich and plentiful, super colours! I had NO luck whatsoever with pumpkins or squash this year so I am pretty disappointed, yours look great! :)


  2. It’s lovely to see so many flowers still blooming. Lucky you with the sunflowers, all except three on mine were eaten by slugs and snails. xx


  3. Hi Flighty, lovely to hear from you and I hope you are well. Cosmos have done really well this year, no sign of stopping either…..until the frosts arrive of course. Sorry to hear slime balls took out most of your sunflowers, glad they left you some though! I have lots of sunflower seed if you would like some for next year Flighty? Not snail or slug proof of course! ;)


  4. Hello, I’m fine and been making the most of the good weather doing lots of plotting.
    As you say the cosmos, among other, have been brilliant. I’m grateful for your kind offer of sunflower seeds but I’ll have more than enough for next year thanks to several plot neighbours. As for the slugs and snails… xx


  5. It looks lovely and I love your little shed. You’ve done well with your butternut squash. I think my set fruit too late and won’t make it before the frosts.


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