More Reasons To Visit My Allotment

allotment tea collage resized My dad cleared out items of his old fishing equipment recently, he doesn’t go anymore and his shed needed a sort out. He gave me his little gas camping stove to use at my allotment, I let out an excited squeal because I was all set to buy one. You can buy these gas stoves easily enough but mine is old (works perfectly), which I love. camping kettle So far I’ve used my gas stove with my camping kettle to make a mug of my favourite Mao Feng green tea when I feel the need, it’s really refreshing and warms me up when I’m feeling a bit cold or achy. Dad informs me he cooked quite a few hot meals and snacks on the stove, I’m looking forward to trying out a bit of allotment cooking now that chilly weather is upon us.

18 thoughts on “More Reasons To Visit My Allotment

  1. What a fabulous idea! You’ll enjoy staying there longer with some comforting food and drink. Maybe you could keep some canned soup there?


  2. What a wonderful thing, it’s given me all sorts of ideas. It would certainly make the allotment very alluring. And the boys would love it. I shall have to look out for one. CJ xx


  3. I thought at first you had found another use for the nettle tea bag. We have a little stove that we take to the plot – we don;t leave it there as they seem to be prime targets for thieves. We also have a two ring and frill affair that we have cooked a meal on there.


  4. I can honestly say that our camping kettle and stove makes one of the best cups of tea ever (probably because you are making it out in the fresh air, where everything tastes better)! I expect you need a cuppa or two after all your hard work on your lovely looking allotment. :)


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