How To Hollow Out a Pumpkin The Easy Way

pumpkin collageEach year I grow a couple of extra pumpkins to carve for Halloween. Instead of scooping out the insides myself, I give the chore to my chickens. But I guess it’s not really a chore to them, considering how eager they are to help.

chickens eating a pumpkinEach pumpkin is hollowed out in record timing, flesh and seeds vanish (I’m careful to remove the pumpkins soon after, otherwise they’ll eat the whole thing before I get the chance to carve crazy scary faces). This saves me a bit of time and the hens get a healthy afternoon treat containing a natural wormer.

pumpkin hollowingUncooked pumpkin seeds contain Cucurbitin, an amino acid that can eliminate parasitic worms such as tapeworm and roundworm.

chicken eating a pumpkinEven more reason to get your flock involved with pumpkin carving!

Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain x

21 thoughts on “How To Hollow Out a Pumpkin The Easy Way

  1. Lovely post, I had no idea that Pumpkins were a natural wormer either. We kept chickens when the children were small and I remember they ate more of our oversized courgettes than we did, I wonder if they had the same effect.


  2. Thanks Julie. I let some of my courgettes grow too big on purpose (and sometimes not!) to give to the hens, they love them and strip them to nothing. They’re all part of the same family so they probably do help.


  3. This is a great idea ! and they seem to love it too. Must be delicious eggs too they’re giving you, :) Ann


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