Boysenberries from Mow It Sow It Grow It

mow it sow it grow it

I received two little Boysenberry plants in the post yesterday, kindly sent to me to trial from Mow It Sow It Grow It. Boysenberry is a cross between a raspberry, blackberry, dewberry and a loganberry. I’m looking forward to tasting the fruit and should expect a good crop in their first year. I’m really curious what the berries will taste like…will it be raspberry, or blackberry…or a mix of both…or…..exciting!


The plants arrived in great condition, supplied in 10cm pots, so there’s no immediate rush to plant if time is precious or your garden is currently covered in snow like mine (yes, I spoke too soon!). Full planting instructions and information regarding the plants were also supplied, which is always handy.


I’ve had the pleasure of being sent other plants from this supplier in the past, yet again I’m impressed with the careful packaging (which is biodegradable) and thoughtful after sales information. I’m reliably informed of some new and exciting plants available soon from Mow It Sow It Grow It, such as a good-flavoured strawberry the size of a chicken egg and another that tastes of bubble-gum!?! Look out for them and others if you’re looking for something adventurous to grow!

boysenberry plants

My little plants are currently sitting in the conservatory until I’m ready to plant them out in the garden. I’m looking forward to picking and tasting the berries, and jam making too.

Many thanks to David Lindsay for contacting me.

If you’d like to try boysenberries for yourself, visit

16 thoughts on “Boysenberries from Mow It Sow It Grow It

  1. Not sure yet Sue, but I’ll update on the blog soon after a harvest. I’m with you on the bubble-gum flavoured strawberry, but they sound fun! Perhaps parents with children who are picky eaters might give it a go! Worth a try!


  2. I used to pick boysenberry as a kid with my mom for her jam production. Delicious!

    More importantly, you have a conservatory?!? I am drenched in jealousy over here! Always wanted a house with a old fashioned Victorian conservatory. Do you have photos? *drooling*


  3. When my brother and I were younger and treated to an ice cream, my big bro asked for boysenberry. So my little self asked for girlsenberry. The logic of children hey. I’m sure the will be delicious. :)


  4. Thanks for such a positive review – so pleased you like them, and please let us know how you get on.

    I’ve tried them as a jam , crushed in vodka with ice (my fav) but I’m afraid I lost out to a rather keen 4 year old fan who picked them every morning before breakfast!

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  5. You have to get clever fast or bust! Greywater systems, thick mulches, shade trees strategically placed and micro-irregation are key! It’s 79° in the yard now and super sunny, so I’m not complaining. Sending heat your way…


  6. I just got boysenberry ice cream at the store… SOOO rich in flavour – not just the ice cream part, but the boysenberry flavour…. rich and almost spicy/tangy. I wish you the best, and yes, I am jealous of your conservatory…;-)


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