Rest Your Eyes on This

backyard chicken

Due to the previous blog theme not being mobile or tablet friendly (I despair at technology sometimes), I spent most of today pulling my hair out to find a suitable theme. I was happy with the one I had before but I guess you just have to move with the times, this change is waaaay overdue.

My sincere apologies to those readers who have struggled and squinted at their mobile phones for far too long in order to read my blog (not that I’ve had much to say so far this year). I do hope this new look is better.

I guess this is the right time to announce my return to my blog! I took a long break from blogging in order to free up time for creating the new and long overdue kitchen garden. The raised beds are in along with fruit bushes, a rhubarb and herb patch and another wildlife pond all nestled within an area of mature fruit trees. I’ve had to be really clever with the design to maximise sunlight, while seeking out areas that receive some shade from trees and the outbuilding for crops that like to dip out of the midday sun, such as peas and salad crops.

Even though it doesn’t look much at the moment because it’s pretty much bare bones, I’m really happy to have a kitchen garden to potter around in again, and it’s attracting beneficial wildlife already with an unusually late visit from a female mason bee (she used one hole in the drilled wood blocks I hung around), and frogs have found the second wildlife pond already.  Photos soon I promise!

Happy days!

9 thoughts on “Rest Your Eyes on This

  1. May be you can help, I am sure that some people find it interesting as well:
    I am new to keeping chickens in the backyard, do that for eggs only.
    I dont know how much to give them seed mix (for 4 chickens).
    As well how do you clean the run? do you use the same scoop like on cats litter or some things else?
    In short : I need to know a typical day agenda what you do for the chickens, as well what kind of tools /gadgets ? you use to make life easier.

    I hope you can help, thank you in advance!!
    the netherlands


  2. Oh I’m so glad you’re back. . .I’ve so missed the pictures and tales of “the girls” And if it helps— I hate technology—-it’s always changing just when I was figuring things out :)


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