Dengie Bedding for Chickens

Dengie Fresh Bed
Our chickens took part in a mini photo shoot recently for the British Hen Welfare Trust, they had a jolly time kicking Dengie Fresh Bed everywhere! The brief wasn’t for badly behaved hens creating a mess, but this is what the BHWT got anyway. We’re expecting their P45 in the post any day now……
Dengie Fresh Bed for chickens is a chopped straw bedding with pine oil added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Developed in association with the British Hen Welfare Trust, the bedding is very soft, absorbent and dust-free, which is everything you want from a bedding. Oh, and it smells divine!
No Millie! We don’t eat the bedding!

IMG_5999BHWT600I found this chicken bedding particularly good for our older hens who prefer to sleep in the nest boxes, with the promise of colder weather conditions to come I’m confident they’ll be toasty warm during the night.

Dengie Fresh Bed is available to purchase from the British Hen Welfare Trust by clicking here
Search for your local stockist here

6 thoughts on “Dengie Bedding for Chickens

  1. This sounds like an amazing product, but I bet its not available in Australia! I use a straw mix with a bit of wormwood leaf and garlic tops in it. Provides some protection against things like mites and helps the muck smell a bit sweeter


  2. I can endorse this, it smells (and feels) amazing i was lucky to win some in a competition and my younger girls adore it although yes they to have tried to eat, and constantly do a Changing Rooms makeover by raking it out of the nest box and into the perch area. I think it is safe to say they quite like it!

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  3. I have tried this stuff and since using it my egg production has increased and the hens(Free range) are much happier need cleaned less and in general I am a complete convert from shavings.
    The only down side was when I put this in a bit too deep when moving a broody, they sank without trace and she walked back to where she thought they should be.
    Resolved this by cutting down on the bedding, this stuff is great and the whole area smells of pine.


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