Jobs for February

Reblogged for a timely reminder of those jobs that can be tackled in the kitchen garden or at the allotment this month. The weather isn’t exactly bitterly cold right now, but it is very windy! Don’t forget to clean and tidy the greenhouse in time for sowing soon, I did mine over the weekend.

The Garden Smallholder

February is the month of love and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t love your garden at this time of year too, despite the weather being bitterly cold. Snow may be on the ground, making gardening difficult, but venturing outside and spotting signs that the garden is beginning to wake from its winter slumber should cheer you up no end. Spring bulbs are pushing through and that’s something to smile about. It’s too early to get sowing really underway, although some crops can be started off this month along with those that benefit from a long growing season. A heated propagator or greenhouse will be invaluable to get seeds off to a flying start, but, light levels can be a problem resulting in spindly seedlings. Still, if your fingers are itching to get started then have a go at a few early sowings. It’s not the end of the world if you fail – just try again…

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5 thoughts on “Jobs for February

  1. My winter is unusually warm and has been raining and wet for what seems like ever. I have hellebores, camellias, and sweatbox all in bloom so I’ve ventured out into the garden on several occasions and started to do a bit of very early pruning.


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