February Peek at the Veg Garden

I thought it would be interesting to share a monthly photo of the new veg garden, to document how it changes throughout the year. I might stick to this viewpoint each month or show another angle, perhaps include more photos when there’s more to see, later in the year.

february veg garden

I’ve missed January out but little has changed since anyway, so here we are in February and this is how things are looking now. I put another raised bed together today, in front of the shed over the other side of the garden. Another will join it soon and a few more to the section you can see from the photo. The wildlife pond, herb bed, rhubarb patch, raspberry bed, broad beans and garlic currently growing by the shed and the fruit bushes behind me are not in shot, I’ll share photos of these areas as the year progresses.

Today I noticed movement in the wildlife pond, frogs are waking!


13 thoughts on “February Peek at the Veg Garden

  1. Lovely weed free beds (not like mine!) and yes our pond suddenly has frogs in it too – spring is coming!


  2. Love your beds – can I ask what woood you’re using?

    I’m looking to do soemthing similar down on my alloment – alas the cost of scaffolding boards seem to be prohibitive! I’m tryig to chase down cheaper second hand options but cheap and scaffolding seem to be mutually exclusive!


  3. Looks good :) (love the frog picture too) It must be warmer where you are – or you’re less of a wimp! I’m not going out there to build anything yet! My limit was getting out and poking garlic in the ground…

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  4. Hi Jo, we used gravel boards to make these beds, it was the cheapest option we could find (after trying to get wood for free from skips, places such as freecycle and scrap yards etc). We’d prefer to use sleepers for longevity but cannot justify the cost.


  5. A time lapse would be kind of neat. We are nothing but a mud pit this time of year. I will get my low tunnels up this weekend. I am ready for spring.


  6. Looking forward to seeing progress over the coming year. Some day I’d love to have chickens so I’m also interested to read how it goes with them too.


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