Garden Campfire Cooking

campfire cooking grill

Campfire Cooking Grills kindly sent me a Pioneer grill to review, with today being the spring equinox it was the perfect day (and luckily weather) to use it. It was great to sit out in the garden cooking and chatting.


We set the grill up by digging a small pit for the fire which we then filled with kindling and larger pieces of wood from our fruit trees pruned at the beginning of winter. All that was left to do was attach the 18″ (46cm) diameter cooking grill to the sturdy upright stake and drive it into the ground. Super easy and no fussy parts or extra bolts to worry about.

campfire cooking grill

The adjustable height makes it easy to control cooking by simply sliding the grill up or down the pole and locking in place with the turn of a handle. The cooking grill also rotates away from the flames for ease of turning and serving food, or when putting more wood onto the campfire. The raised sides prevent food from falling off the edge of the cooking grill.

campfire grill

The Pioneer campfire grill comes with a mitt, hot pad and tote carry bag to pack the grill away or transport anywhere. It’s compact yet sturdy, perfect for camping, cooking out in the garden, allotments or to take to the beach. Take a look at the website for more information on this grill and others in the range

Thank you so much Ginny for contacting me!

3 thoughts on “Garden Campfire Cooking

  1. Thanks for this – I’ve got a little bonfire and this is just what I need during the summer months :)


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