Rhubarb Jam


If you’re growing an early rhubarb variety such as Timperley Early, chances are you’re already looking for rhubarb recipes. If you forced it during December / January, it’s probably coming out of your ears! If not, sit tight and wait patiently for your rhubarb to catch up. And it will.

I adore rhubarb jam, it’s not for everyone but if you love jam and of course rhubarb then you really must give this jam recipe a try. I’ve just finished using my last jar from the batch I made last spring, so now I’m itching to make more.

rhubarb jam

Rhubarb Jam (makes approximately 4-5 jars depending on size)

1 kg rhubarb (forced or unforced stems)

850g jam sugar

Cut the rhubarb stems into inch pieces, add sugar and rhubarb pieces in layers to a large pan. Leave the pan overnight to allow the rhubarb juices and sugar to combine to make a syrup. The following day, bring the pan to a steady boil (stirring occasionally before boiling point). Boil for 6-7 minutes then test for setting point by using a sugar thermometer or wrinkle test on a chilled plate (place a small amount of jam on a chilled plate using a teaspoon, push the jam across the plate with your fingernail, if the jam wrinkles then your jam is ready). When setting point is reached remove pan from the heat and rest for a few minutes before pouring the jam into clean warm jars. Personally, I don’t add anything else because I’m a true rhubarb fan and I adore this jam, but you could add other flavour hints to your jam such as ginger.

I hope you enjoy this jam as much as I do. Try swirling it through whipped cream, dollop it on ice cream, try it with scones or use as a filling for a sponge cake.

rhubarb jam on scones

I highly recommend growing Timperley Early, it races out of the ground way ahead of other rhubarb varieties, an established patch can be ready to start pulling from March, much earlier if forced.

7 thoughts on “Rhubarb Jam

  1. We nearly pulled some at the weekend but decided to let the stems thicken a bit more. Have you tried rhubarb crumble muffins. If you carry out a search on my blog, there’s a link to the recipe.


  2. I don’t grow rhubarb, but I enjoy eating it. In my rhubarb ignorance I had never thought about different varieties. Your jam sounds delicious.


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