Unexpected Residents

rescue hensA few weeks ago the garden smallholding gate swung open to welcome two very dehydrated and extremely hungry hens. They were purchased by some morons who thought it would be really funny to use them as part of a prank and then dump them by the side of a road, luckily this was stopped before it happened and they were brought straight here by people close to me.

Both were absolutely riddled with roundworm (passing live adults regularly) and feather lice, they also have scaly leg mite which I’m still treating them for. I don’t know much about their history and I’m guessing wildly when I say they’re around 12 – 15 months old, but I do know that wherever they came from originally they weren’t looked after there either, it seems.

After a spell in quarantine they now occupy one of the coops and will remain here, they’re yet to meet the other girls, but I’m sure that won’t be long now that I’m satisfied with test results from my vet to determine if they’re carrying any contagious poultry diseases.

They’re both incredibly sweet-natured and seem quite at home here.


12 thoughts on “Unexpected Residents

  1. [J+D] It’s ironic that others’ wrongdoings become others opportunity to demonstrate what is right. Well done. I hope the hens reward you for you good, deed, but even if they were not to, their good health and happiness is a triumph.

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  2. Thank you. They both lay regularly which is one of the clues to guess their age (a bonus), but yes their health and happiness is more important. I can’t abide cruel people, there’s enough misery in this world without inflicting it on defenceless animals.

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  3. Well done for rescuing them – I am sure they will have a very happy life with you now, and will be very well cared for.

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  4. Glad they found a home with you! We have morons dumping kittens and puppies around here, but I’ve yet to find a hen. I had a nice dairy cow wander into my garden but she belonged to the man across the road. Looking forward to more of your adventures.

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  5. Stupid, callous people..!! So glad you rescued them. We found two abandoned donkeys once. Crazy people. X


  6. Thank goodness for people like you. They will now be well loved and looked after, and will reward you with their daft antics, lovely eggs, and garden fertiliser! :) xxx


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