Half a Year of Gardening

In early summer just after my last blog post I ended up in hospital having surgery I wasn’t fully expecting. For some time I haven’t been well enough to tend to my beloved vegetable garden, after the surgery I wasn’t physically able to and then came horrid medication that upset my body, mind and mood, and well, I fell into some kind of depression.

The chickens were cared for but the garden had to pretty much fend for itself. Rich did his best but he’d be the first to admit he isn’t the gardener around here. The greenhouse contents and outside pots were watered and the grass cut. And so the courgettes turned to marrows, strawberries and blackcurrants pretty much fed the birds and fat pea pods withered and wilted in the summer heat. But all was not lost, my haphazard planting style as well as using ground covering edible flowers kept the weeds at bay, our pumpkins and squashes finally got going after many failed attempts and quickly swamped the ground (and eventually the lawn), drowning out light to weeds in their path. Some varieties didn’t show up to the party at all, such as the butternuts which is a real shame because they’re used so much in our kitchen.

In fact, there were many successes this year such as beans. So many beans. I’m positively beaming about that. It has to be the best year ever for beans. We have some pumpkins and squash to show for our efforts and autumn raspberries have been amazing this year, doubling in size over the plot. We grew the best carrots to date, absolute whoppers with no damage thanks to companion planting with onions. Our sunflowers grew so tall they toppled over, at least there’s plenty of food for the birds. Again.

Despite being neglected for half the year the veg garden has been very forgiving, and most generous. I have a long road ahead of me with my diagnosis of severe endometriosis. There’s no cure, even hysterectomy isn’t a guarantee of living pain-free at this stage of the disease. It’s a very common but still very misunderstood condition, the time taken for diagnosis is sadly too long for many women. I’ll leave this post on a positive…. I’m off to see a specialist next week, fingers crossed I can get this under some sort of control.

16 thoughts on “Half a Year of Gardening

  1. I missed you and was wondering where you were! Praying for a solution for you. By the way, it was a banner year for beans here in New England as well! Something must have been in the air! I have some of the same kind as in your photo. They’re so pretty! Best wishes.


  2. That’s so sweet of you ephesians413! It’s great to be back outside in the garden and writing about it too. I’m happy to hear you’ve grown lots of beans too, they’re such a welcome addition to home cooking during the colder months. The beans in my photo are Bortlotti, I agree they are so pretty! I still have 3 different runner bean varieties to pick – fresh and for drying which is amazing for this time of year. Autumn is still so mild here and everything is still very green. The frosts will arrive soon and wipe most things out, so I’d better hurry and get picking!


  3. So sorry to hear that you’ve been so unwell, Karen and hope that you’ll soon be on the road to recovery. I’m sure that being back in your garden will help lift your mood and let’s hope that you’ll be much better for next year’s gardening. Take care, Caro x

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  4. Wow! Beautiful pictures and posts. I hope you recover well, and it looks like you’ll be eating healthy items :) Stay positive.


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