Blueberries in November

Earlier this year we planted our first blueberry bushes in lovely old bath tubs. I wasn’t expecting much from their first growing year to be honest, but was happily proved wrong.

Two blueberry bushes provided steady pickings throughout summer right through to autumn, enough to keep the blueberry fans of the family satisfied. It’s now November and we’re still picking berries.

I spotted this vintage mini trug recently from one of my favourite online garden shops, with berry picking in mind it’s perfect for the job.

The temperature has really dropped during the day and nights are chilly, the bushes are just starting to display their beautiful autumnal colour in patches. I’m so pleased we introduced blueberries to our kitchen garden, if you’re interested in growing them too take a look at our growing guide post for helpful information to keep them happy.


  1. I just love the pictures and next year I’m starting up blueberries as well. One small remark, make the link a real link as most people won’t take the time to copy paste it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Karen, how awesome to still have blueberries this late in the year – your pampering obviously paid off! Are both bushes Hortbleu or did you get another variety? I was gifted my niece’s blueberry bush when she moved to the US and need a friend for it now! Also, can I ask where your tubs came from, I think they’re beautiful! Thanks, Caro x

  3. Hi Caro, it’s lovely picking fruit from the garden so late in the year! It has been very mild here up till now, perhaps that’s why, but I can’t compare growing seasons yet so we’ll see how they do next year. Yes, both bushes are Hortblue Petite, this variety boasts good autumn colour which is starting to come through now. I will be looking for another variety to add. The tubs are from Katie & Dave Lavender & Leeks – I just love using and displaying vintage items for the garden, the bath tubs are perfect for growing blueberries and set the colour of the berries off beautifully. I hope you’re well x

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