Happy New Year 2018

This year has been a tricky year for me with regards to my health. As some of you are already aware I had surgery in June which meant I couldn’t spend much time at all in my beloved vegetable garden during the best part of summer. The garden and blog were neglected and so the best part of autumn has been spent getting the veg beds and paths under control –  which we managed to do before all the heavy snow arrived!
I’m scheduled for major surgery in a few weeks time but I plan to be fighting fit and back on my feet in the greenhouse sowing the first seeds of spring as soon as I can (I might be a little late with it all depending on how I feel but everything catches up eventually!). I look forward to reading blogs and watching YouTube channels to see what you’ve all been up to in your gardens, allotments and smallholdings as I recover.
As this year comes to a close I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for following our small but precious backyard farm / garden smallholding journey, not just on the blog but via social media too. I wish you all a happy 2018 and a great growing year ahead.
 All the very best, Karen x

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018

  1. Health is so very precious wishing you well for the upcoming surgery and for a successful outcome. Once you get back into that beautiful garden you will heal quickly xx best wishes for a good and positive New Year. pattypan

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  2. Karen, Your blog sounds like mine, major surgery and lack of blogs. We shall both be attempting to do more gardening next year. Happy New Year. Kat


  3. Hi Karen, Your blog sounds like mine, major surgery, recovering, lack of blogs this year. Hopefully next year, I will growing more and learning from you. I will look forward to reading more blogs in the future. Happy New Year. Kat.

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  4. Very best wishes for the surgery and a good recovery afterwards. I just realised I must have been following your blog for about 10 years, if not so avidly recently. May 2018 be a good year for you. K xx

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