Beany Babies

January is such a bleak and dreary month, it also happens to be the month of our birthdays. Oh I do envy the summer-born, the endless possibilities for outdoor celebrations. The ground is sodden in our garden at the moment, it’s bitterly cold too – no garden birthday parties for us.

I do try my hardest to stay off the squelchy garden paths but I’m weak, I love to mooch around the garden prodding and poking for signs of life. I took a quick peek at the raised beds, trying to be as light-footed as possible.

Snug under the tunnel cloches the first seeds of the new growing year are up, six rows with two rows per tunnel of baby broad beans. I find using tunnel cloches so useful for overwintering and keeping crops safe from pigeons and our chickens. Only a couple of seeds failed to set but that’s fine, I always sow more than necessary and thin out later if need be.

Caulk Wight garlic we planted in November is very noticeable now, with Red Duke just starting to push through. If they all come up we’ll have around 90 bulbs of garlic to harvest in summer.

I’m giddy with excitement for the growing year ahead. There are a couple of hurdles for me to get over first but I’m so looking forward to being outside, sowing seeds and drinking tea in the sunshine.

7 thoughts on “Beany Babies

  1. Huh! This lifted my spirits so much! Today here in the Northeast of Scotland the light has been just awful – dark and dismal from the start with a fine misty, near-drizzle making plotting a miserable experience at best. I found your post after coming home and it has given me just the shot in the arm I need to get going. Now, where is that seed catalogue? :-)

    PS I took the liberty of re-blogging your post. I hope you don’t mind. Let me know if you do and I will put it right.

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  2. Hi Norman, thanks ever so much for leaving a comment and re-blogging!. The weather here sounds very similar to what you describe! Enjoy browsing your seed catalogue :)


  3. I have a January birthday as well. Envy your bits of green, but it gives us all hope that we’ll have similar experiences within a few weeks. Thanks for the post.


  4. Another January birthday! It certainly does fill you with hope, it won’t be long before the window sills and greenhouse are bursting with seed trays. Thanks for stopping by.

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