And Sow it Begins

I came home from hospital last weekend, my body is tired and sore but getting a little stronger every day. I ended up needing more surgery than expected which has set my recovery back with one thing or another but I am getting there, slowly. I miss spending time with the chickens and of course the day-to-day activities in the garden smallholding, family are mucking in and doing what’s needed. I long for the day I can join in rather than watch from the window but I’m not to lift anything heavier than a cup of tea for at least 6 weeks. Meh.

I guess I can cope with the tea bit.

After going through our seed stash last month we’ve ordered what we need for the new growing year with some new varieties to try, the rest will be our own saved seed. We will buy our seed potatoes very soon and set them out to chit in egg boxes.

We like to sow our tomatoes and chillies early, harvesting can begin as early as June/July depending on varieties grown. Chillies need constant heat to aid germinate so we’re using a seedling heat mat at the moment to help. We’ve never used anything like this before when germinating seeds such as chillies and peppers, we usually get decent germination results by using the warmest spots in the house but it can take up to a month to occur due to temperatures dipping at night. It’s a bit of a trial so we’ll let you know how the heat mat performs in terms of germination rate/time, and if we like it enough to recommend we’ll do a little blog post. Rich set everything up for sowing our seeds to avoid me lifting anything, all I had to do is pop the seeds in. It felt so good to be involved and gave me the lift I needed.

It’s official, gardening is therapy!

11 thoughts on “And Sow it Begins

  1. Hang in there Karen, very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Think of all the better weather that is coming soon and you will be able to enjoy in the garden – only 7 weeks till the clocks change!

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  2. That’s true Michael, thank you! I picked the right time of year to have the surgery, lots to look forward to now.


  3. I wish you a full and rapid recovery – surgery is no joke and for a gardener to be effectively banned from working in the garden is a torment. I do hope you have better luck with seed germination than I have had recently. I’m baffled by the very poor record in my veg. garden over the past few months; I’ve begun to wonder if I need some kind of magic to get them going!


  4. Thank you so much, Sylvia. Sorry to hear you’re having germination problems, last summer we really struggled with pumpkin and squash germination (seeds all new and from different suppliers) and I’m still baffled by that because everything else flourished. Fingers crossed for better results for you soon.


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