Winner Winner Chicken Coop

Just after new year I received some very exciting news from Bed-Down Premium Poultry Bedding – I had won first prize in their Facebook competition!!

Here’s what I won:

1st Prize – Cozy Chicken bespoke hen house in gorgeous ‘egg yolk’ yellow, Cozy Chicken superior bedding 10kg bales x2 and Marriage’s 15kg Royal Variety mixed corn.

Well, I almost fainted. What a great start to 2018!

First up I’d like to thank Bed-Down for running such a generous competition and for picking little ol’ me as the winner. I’ve never won anything quite like this before, the coop will really come in handy when we build the extra chicken run we’ve planned for some time now, more about that soon. The bedding smells divine and being super soft it’s particularly perfect for tatty ex battery hens needing some extra TLC and a nice soft bed to rest in at night. I know our hens are going to love snuggling down in it. Thank you to Marriage’s for the Royal Variety mixed corn, I can honestly say it’s the best we’ve ever used with our chickens. It’s contains pieces of carrot, peas and sunflower seeds, our hens go bonkers for it.

The coop and bedding were delivered to us a couple of days ago, I’m not well enough to have a photo done with it just yet due to recent surgery so Bed-Down kindly allowed me to use theirs. Once I’m able to I will take more photos and move some chickens in! Hurrah!

The chicken coop – squeal!!! Photo credit: Bed-Down Premium Poultry Bedding.

Superior quality bedding crafted from the finest, golden wheat straw, sustainably harvested fresh from Norfolk fields before being chopped and dust extracted with our unique Easy Breathe™ process for better respiratory health.

Encourages the natural behaviour of poultry!

Cozy Chicken at a glance

  • Poultry bedding from chopped and improved wheat straw
  • Insulating in winter, light and airy in summer
  • Durable, absorbent, comfortable for hens
  • Keeps eggs safe and clean
  • Naturally anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
  • Pleasant natural pine fragrance
  • Fully compostable
  • Great value for money, easy to use & store
Photo credit: Bed-Down Premium Poultry Bedding

If you don’t already follow Bed-Down on Facebook please do look them up and give their page a ‘like’. Follow Bed-Down on Twitter too. Keep your eyes peeled for more competitions throughout the year, you never know your luck!

7 thoughts on “Winner Winner Chicken Coop

  1. Thank you Karin! It’s certainly bright and cheery, I’m hoping it will encourage the sun to come out!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Oh to be a chicken and to live in such a wonderful house. Your birds are so lucky! They are also fortunate to have you caring for them. Hope you are doing well and keep us up to date on your chicken’s well being in their new home. (Joy in their home means more eggs in your basket :)


  3. Thank you! It’s such a beautiful hen house, we have mixed flocks so there’s bound to be some accommodation envy going on when it’s finally in position!


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