Storm Emma meets Beast from the East

For many days the UK has been gripped by the ‘Beast from the East’, snow and freezing temperatures tucking signs of spring firmly under a white blanket. Now storm Emma approaches from the Atlantic bringing more snow, clashing with Siberian air causing icy high winds and blizzard conditions. The entire country is now under a severe weather warning with worse yet to come, parts of Scotland, south-west England and Wales are on red alert for snow. Lives are at risk.

Even though it’s still snowing here in the east of England and so cold I can barely feel my fingers, I feel our region has got off lightly so far compared to some. Having said that, those with livestock to care for makes things difficult wherever you are. Our chickens refuse to leave the coops and drinkers freeze within half an hour of refilling. I really feel for farmers and smallholders, plus it is lambing season.

The above photo was taken yesterday on my phone with shaky cold hands! Today the garden is completely submerged and it’s too cold to stand around taking photos. Us Brits have a good moan about the weather, hot or cold we’ll find something to complain about but we really are getting our a*se whopped right now.

Stay warm and safe x

8 thoughts on “Storm Emma meets Beast from the East

  1. Oh isn’t it just horrible! I’m by Liverpool and just majorly suffering with the winds! Our 25 meter fence has just blew down! Not happy at all! Be safe and stay snug x


  2. Certainly scary outside tonight, howling wind and so cold. Sorry to hear about your fence, I imagine this opens you up to even more snow now? Hope not, take care :)


  3. I read about the Beast from the East in the paper today. It seems as if the weather from my part of the world and from your part has switched sides this winter. Here, my crocus are in bloom – never heard of on March first! It has been very warm here in New England, USA. Last week, it was 24 C and the next day it was 4 C. So strange for us! Snow is good for the garden too. It melts slowly and keeps things watered.


  4. More snow here overnight with high wind. Dangerous roads around the villages, the gritters didn’t reach us yesterday.


  5. I’m glad you have lovely crocus to look at, they’re such cheery little blooms. Ours are out there under the snow. It’s not unusual for the UK to have snow in February or March (sometimes later) but not quite on this scale and the temperatures are so low.


  6. The big thaw has happened, ground very wet again but glad the snow has gone! I’m with you regarding pond worries, we’ve lost a couple of big fish over winter and our pond did not completely freeze over.

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