Back To The Magical World Of Allotments

After giving up my allotment a couple of years ago I began to regret my decision. I miss the allotment site and the charm and character of the sheds dotted around, even the sound of trains whizzing along the track I found strangely soothing. I miss the general chit-chat weather grumbles, and being around people who, like me, have a deep need for being at one with the seasons and growing food from a slice of land. There’s just something about allotments, once you have the bug it never really leaves you.

I’m currently re-building stamina with regular walks around the village after having major surgery in January, more often than not I made my way to the allotments to soak in the serenity. I found myself enquiring and much to my delight a couple of plots were indeed available. A particular plot caught my eye and I accepted the challenge once more.

My new allotment looks daunting but in reality it’s not that bad. The plot boundary ends at the blue tarp, just before the grass path in front of my neighbour who keeps a beautifully tended plot. My plot is a quirky and unloved little plot with a curved boundary at the top, in a lovely position adjacent to the community orchard. The shed that once stood has gone but the slab base still remains, currently hidden underneath a pile of old wood. I find myself day dreaming about how my new allotment shed will look in situ as well as paint colours and bunting. Ooh shed shopping!

Previous shed base
Community orchard entrance
Lovely view from my plot

I’ve inherited four tired-looking rhubarb crowns with my new allotment, I’m not sure of variety but they look like they could have red stalks. I’ll give them a good mulch and let them do their thing this year, then I can see how they perform. Dividing will help regain vigour but that’s a job I cannot do right now so it’ll have to wait until the end of the year. It appears they may have flowered last summer judging by the decaying matter around them.

There’s a plastic raised bed thingy of strawberries, a couple of gooseberry bushes and a patch of rampant raspberries of which I’m guessing are summer fruiting, I’m not entirely sure. With this in mind I think I will skip pruning this year and watch how they grow and when they fruit. Weeding and mulching a must!

Patch of raspberries

I still have to take it easy, I certainly won’t be digging anytime soon for obvious reasons.

Find me blogging about my allotment over at:

Allotment Haven allotment blog

16 thoughts on “Back To The Magical World Of Allotments

  1. Lovely! Good luck with your new project. I had an allotment before I moved to my current off grid stone cottage in the middle of nowhere (from where I write my blog) I do miss the social side of gardening you get in an allotment, the tremendous characters and great advice. I don’t miss the inconvenience of having your garden a drive or walk away and the fact you can turn up to find an entire crop destroyed by pests too late to do anything about it. Thank you for a nice post 🙏🍀💐💚


  2. What a cracking little plot, looking forward to seeing your progression both the plot and your health too, its always best to leave for a season anyway, you never know whats in the ground, just sort out enough to keep you happy.


  3. Thank you Steve, I think so too! I have lots of plans which is exciting. The plot is pretty much a blank canvas really, perfect for me.


  4. What a gorgeous post. I love your decision to recover with your new plot. I fell out of love with mine too, fortunately my parents looked after it for a couple of years so I couldn’t let it go. I’m so glad they stopped me losing the plot! I’m falling for it again, so much so I might have to resurrect my allotment blog 😊

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  5. Thank you Karin! No I won’t overdo it, I’m being very sensible with my recovery….although signing up for an allotment seems like I’m doing the complete opposite!


  6. Ahh thank you Jacqui! I’m so glad you didn’t do what I did and give up, I really do regret that decision now I’m on the mend but at the time it was the right thing to do, for me. It’s being well tended now by somebody else and that’s lovely to see. Good luck with your plot and I hope you go back to blogging about it soon.

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  7. I launched my website this morning. Just discovered my new blogs are on it, hurrah. Fancy a peak? It’s


  8. So glad that you’ve found a plot in a nice location with bonus fruit for a first year harvest. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together, don’t overdo it though!

    Sara x


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