Busy Month of June

June is a hectic month for a gardener. Endless pots of tender plants that have been nurtured and protected for many weeks can go outside now, suddenly lots of planting and watering needs doing as well as successional sowing of fast maturing crops.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen garden during this month, and with an allotment too you could say I’m pretty busy at the moment! It’s never a chore though, not when I get to be outside in the fresh air, listening to birds singing and bees buzzing. The kitchen garden is bursting to life (if a little behind due to a cold start).

I’m never alone in the garden, our German Shepherd dog loves to follow me around and lay in the cool grass as I get on with planting. I can’t quite believe she turns 9 years old this August, where has the time gone? Five years on from losing our other GSD weeks after his 8th birthday we feel blessed to have her every single day, I love her company so much, even when she squashes my plants with her bottom!

There’s usually another pair of beady dark eyes watching from a tree or a spade handle, my little gardener’s friend the Robin waits for the chance to grab a worm, hopping around me as I work. I managed a photo of my other garden buddy hopping between the borlotti beans looking for a meal.

We planted peas late this year due to difficult spring weather, pods are just starting to fill out with fat peas from the bottom up and none have made it to the kitchen. Oops.

Busy or not I love a spot of pottering around when I’ve finished all my jobs. June brings goodies to the garden and snacking as I potter is a joy. Peas and young broad beans straight from the pods, oh and strawberries still warm from the sun, little moments like this make growing your own so worthwhile.

9 thoughts on “Busy Month of June

  1. I enjoyed that, even when your by yourself gardening. Your never really alone.

    I have Robin friends, a dove pair nesting close by, but I’m never alone.


  2. I’m so happy to know you enjoy the blog Alicia, I’ve always felt my writing wasn’t that great compared to others bloggers so I’m over the moon with your comment! Boudica sends a wag your way :)


  3. Thank you Carolee, it’s so lovely to see things finally growing and also tasting them!


  4. It’s so true that you’re never really alone in the garden, how lovely to have a pair of doves nesting close by. Collared doves nest in our garden way up high in the pines but magpies raid the nests sadly.


  5. Hi Karen,
    This looks fabulous and I love your photos!
    How do you manage slugs on the plot, every single pea, bean, courgette and cucumber that I have planted out has been munched… :(
    Sara x


  6. Hi Sara, thank you! It’s a bad year for slugs, we’ve suffered losses too, particularly at the allotment.

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