Keep Calm and Garden on Through Covid-19

The kitchen garden has been a tad neglected since taking on my allotment, it’s looking a bit sorry and needs taming. February was a very wet month and being a mild winter the weeds have taken full advantage of my absence.

I’m currently claiming my kitchen garden back, bed by bed, spurred on by the current Covid-19 pandemic which has killed thousands of people worldwide. Fear of lockdowns has sent people into a panic, frenzy buying food and stripping shops bare. Here in Britain we have been told by our government to stay home, not to visit family or friends and only to leave our homes for essentials such as food. Exercise is permitted (visits to allotments at the moment are allowed) and we should practise social distancing staying 2 metres apart. Schools are closed, also businesses and shops that do not provide food or essentials ie hairdressers, clothes shops etc and social places such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and nightclubs are also closed. These measures are in place to slow the spread of coronavirus and to hopefully take the pressure off our precious NHS. I have never witnessed anything like it.

And who knows how this will all unfold in the weeks and months to come, tighter restrictions may be enforced. It’s a comfort knowing I can safely enjoy our garden smallholding and I have never been more grateful to love and live the lifestyle that I do, being able to grow seasonal food is a joy, and right now feels a necessity in this scary uncertain world. 

Keep safe everyone x


5 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Garden on Through Covid-19

  1. Keep safe, and enjouy your garden ! We have nice weather in Brittany now at last and we could do a lot of gardening , it is tidy now and the vegetable plot as well. Potatoes, onions, shallots are planted, peas, pasnips, leeks are sown. Tomatoes, sweet corn,chilis in small pots in a window sill. But we could not not go to the allotment. Hoping for the best. We have still vegetables from the previous year and it is go to know we ‘ll have more to come, in thoses tough time.

  2. Not complete lockdown Karen, but very restrictive. We can go shopping at less than 1km, for les than 1h and only for food. Our super market makes a lot of effortsî to be the most secure it can be. Beaches are forbidden. Fines are very high ! I prefer to stay at home and in my garden. Fortunately, we have a nice garden and lovely hens ! And a nice weaher at the moment. I wish you well.

  3. I was put on lockdown and wasn’t prepared so now I am struggling to find seeds for my garden. I haven’t even started :( I’m heartbroken.

    Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your time in the garden.

  4. Hi Katrina, I’m sorry you are having problems finding seeds, it’s very much the same here in the UK. Sales of veg seeds and seedlings have rocketed and seed companies are having a hard time keeping up. Try posting on social media, hopefully somebody in your area can spare some seeds? I do hope you manage to source some. Take care.

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