Chickens on Lockdown

We’re not the only ones on lockdown, the chickens have been banished from the garden since December due to avian influenza. I really miss watching them strutting around the veg garden before tootling off to bed. 

At the moment they are all confined to the walk-in enclosures, which isn’t so bad really as they have shelter from rain and plenty of room to move around, they can see pretty much everything going on around them. Of course they disagree and look very sorry for themselves.

I miss the Fluffy gang

To make up for the lack of grass in their diet I’m feeding them whole cabbages and chard leaves overwintering in the veg patch, I’d much rather see them helping themselves even though I’d complain after they’d completely trashed everything. The garden feels empty without them following me everywhere, I keep checking the DEFRA website for updates.

Hopefully better weather is coming, spring can’t come soon enough this year. How are your chickens doing?

6 thoughts on “Chickens on Lockdown

  1. I have missed your posts and am so glad to see this one. We got our chickies last May and it was love at first sight. It is so much fun taking care of them … and they give us prizes for our labor! Here in New England, we are having a cold winter this year. I worry about our chickies, but so far they seem to be doing well. I try to keep the snow out of their run (with a tarp so it doesn’t blow in) so they can get out of the coop, but there is about two feet of it in the yard, so that’s not happening. Do yours like pecking at the cabbage? I give mine a little scratch each day, but is it better for them to have a cabbage and some greens? How do you give it to them? Just on the floor? I keep the coop pretty clean, but they seem to manage to soil everything sooner or later.

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  2. That’s so kind! Chickens are great and you’ll find yourself losing many many hours just watching them go about their day. I don’t think I will ever grow tired of collecting fresh eggs, it’s a bonus of keeping these lovely garden companions. That’s a lot of snow you have, we are having a cold snap here in the UK but nowhere near that amount, we still complain though! The tarp is a great idea for keeping the worst of the weather out, chickens are quite tolerant of cold weather as long as they have dry bedding, somewhere to get out of cold winds and water, it’s the hot summer months I worry more about but our winters are pretty mild compared to other countries. Sometimes I hang the cabbages but they usually end up on the floor anyway so I mostly put them on the ground, they do love pecking the cabbage and will easily strip one bare within a day or two. If you notice their poops becoming watery or very green then cut back on the cabbage/greens. Scratch is great in the afternoon on cold days, it’s a boost of energy which helps to keep them warm though the night. So glad you’re having fun with your chickens, take care, Karen

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  3. Thanks for your advice! Yes, they are truly wonderful creatures. They seem to love back scratches and they even all gather around when I tell them how much I love them, or maybe it’s just the food that I’m bringing out. hehe. It’s an adventure every day. We do have to keep them safe though because there is a hawk that lives near the field next door, plus at least one fox and numerous coyotes and other creatures. Have a wonderful day. Jeanne

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