New Raised Beds and Signs of Spring

I mentioned last month our plan to add more no dig raised beds to the vegetable garden, a dry spell allowed us to get this done over the weekend and now the beds are in place and filled with our homemade compost. The weather was very chilly at the time but I didn’t feel the cold, emptying compost bins and barrowing it across the garden is warm work!

no dig raised beds

The two brand new beds were made using decking boards screwed together, they measure 8 x 6 ft which took some filling, they’re perfect for growing sprawling crops such as pumpkins or crops requiring wider spacing such as brassica. We also extended the soft fruit bed although this won’t be ready for planting bushes this year but could easily be used for shallow-rooted crops or flowers instead.

Yesterday was a particularly lovely day in the garden, sunny and warm. I spotted a pair of Peacock butterflies but only managed to photograph one before it fluttered away to join the other. I was quite surprised as usually I see the unmistakeable yellow-green Brimstone butterfly on the wing in March before any other butterfly, but I haven’t seen any yet, it’s been so cold.

Ladybirds emerged from the cracks in the fence to soak up the warmth of the sun.

Daffodils are a sure sign spring has sprung, we have dwarf varieties in the garden which are both slightly scented, Tete-a-Tete and Jet Fire. The weather today is totally different, heavy rain, cold and gusty winds which is set to stay for a while it seems. At least I know the dwarf daffodils will tough it out.

The rhubarb crowns are awake, pushing glowing ruby stalks up to the sky. It won’t be long before we’re pulling it. We grow Timperley Early in the garden and I inherited a crown on my allotment too. My dad gave me a crown from his allotment last year, variety unknown although it’s a late variety so my guess would be Victoria. I can never say no to a free plant. Good job we love rhubarb!

Sadly we lost one of our chickens last week, lovely Edna. She had been poorly for a while. I miss her lovely clucks first thing in the morning, her little way of saying hello to me. She was a lovely little hen.

6 thoughts on “New Raised Beds and Signs of Spring

  1. So sorry to hear about the chicken – how awful. They are so lovely. But the raised beds look amazing – well done you! Our rhubarb is way less advanced than yours – I do love it! Amazing crumbles. xxx


  2. You certainly had a busy, but worthwhile, weekend. Good to see butterflies and ladybirds appearing at this time of year.
    My rhubarb is an unknown but I guess late, variety as it’s only just starting to show.
    Shame about losing one of your chickens. xx


  3. Thank you Flighty, for once I was happy it was cold! Hard work moving all the compost but very satisfying. It was lovely seeing butterflies but sadly they may have emerged too soon given the wild weather at the moment, hopefully they found somewhere to shelter. The ladybirds hibernate in the cracks of our fencing during winter, it’s amazing how many we see emerge during warm spells. Thanks Flighty, she was a lovely hen. xx

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  4. These look brilliant, our new beds are slightly smaller, but maximise the space that we have on the allotment and, coincidentally, are a perfect fit for some old (maybe iron bed) frames that we balance on top to protect crops from scavengers…


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