Slug Gone Wool Pellets Review

Slugs and snails are partying hard at the moment, thanks to the consistent wet weather creating the perfect environment for them. I’ve never been tempted to use traditional garish blue slug pellets, I just don’t see the point of attracting the little munchers to my veg in the first place and it doesn’t sit right with me, poisoning my soil and other wildlife too. And I’m probably going to be heckled for admitting this but I’ll put it out there anyway…I don’t like the thought of killing slugs either (I’m a live and let live sort of girl) so I’ve been looking into safer, healthier and cruelty-free ways of controlling them for all concerned. Slug Gone wool pellets have grabbed my attention many times over, I like the idea of using a natural product on my allotment and veg garden without killing anything in the process.

So how do they work?

Once wet the pellets swell and spread out to form a protective woolly mat which irritates the foot (the underneath part which they use to move around) of slugs and snails. There are other benefits to using wood pellets too, they act as a mulch, supressing weeds and retaining moisture. This mat stays put for a long while, protecting your plants even through prolonged wet or dry weather, eventually breaking down releasing organic nutrients back into the soil.

If you’ve never heard of these slug pellets before take a quick peek at the video below for a demo.

Do they do the job?

Well I’m happy to say, yes they do! There’s no sign of slug or snail activities on my plants protected by Slug Gone, even comfrey and brassica stay damage-free which are usually slug magnets. We have an army of frogs in the garden and nocturnal visitors such as hedgehogs which do a great job of controlling slug numbers naturally, but the allotment site is the number one hang out for slugs for obvious reasons meaning it can be difficult to control. This is where Slug Gone really helps me the most.

I bought a 10 litre tub with my hard-earned pennies pounds, yes, the price tag is pretty hefty and you do need to put down quite a lot around plants hence why I went for a massive tub, but they work so I don’t mind so much.

This review is completely based on my own needs and wants for slug control, see for yourself if you like them.

Click here to visit Slug Gone website.

12 thoughts on “Slug Gone Wool Pellets Review

  1. Thanks for this, sounds great, it’s so frustrating, once you’ve nurtured seedlings to be big enough to plant out only to to have them attacked by slugs…
    I’ll definitely look into it!
    I wonder if raw wool (from packing materials) would work the same)?

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  2. A good post and review on what can often be a contentious subject nowadays. Thankfully I’ve rarely had much of a problem with slugs on the plot, but I have noticed a few over the past week or two, and wondered if I would when I get planting and sowing. xx

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  3. I think it would work and you can buy wool sheets online. My parents gave me some wool sheets that came in their online dog food packaging, these work a treat and can be used around plants to keep slugs off and as a mulch mat to lock in moisture. I’m currently using mine in the greenhouse to keep slugs off the dahlias waiting to be planted out.

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  4. This looks very interesting. Normally, we have a huge problem with slugs. Yuck! However, this year, not a slug in sight. It seems that all of the rain has headed over to Europe and left us in the northeastern part of the US high and dry. I do hope the rains return (in moderation!). I might try these, but it does look expensive if you need to cover more than just a potted plant.


  5. Just one further thought – in the US, I found two strangely very different prices. On Amazon, a 3.5 liter bag goes for $29.39! The same size on a different website ( is $14.95. How strange that the price is doubled on Amazon.


  6. The weather has been truly awful, on Monday I was running for cover from a heavy downpour of very large hailstones, bouncing off my face they actually hurt! Just strange. Fingers crossed it’s looking promising for some settled weather and sunshine from today onwards, I’ve even heard a rumour of a mini heatwave to come in June….who knows what’s in store!


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